REVIEW: Partylite Indian Blue Lotus & Ginger Candle

I have been on such candle kick recently and have been trying out some different brands and scents that I normally wouldn't try. Partylite is a company I have heard of over the years so I was very excited to try out a couple of their candles. When it comes to candles I pretty much stick to the same brands and scent families but I am so glad to have tried something a bit different as I have fallen in love with the scent. 
REVIEW: Partylite Indian Blue Lotus & Ginger Candle

REVIEW: Partylite Indian Blue Lotus & Ginger Candle
This candle is from the Partylite Discovery Collection and the packaging goes perfectly with that theme. The box that the candle comes in has the world map on with a little compass which I love. The box and the candle have a blue theme too them, blue is one of my favourite colours and this shade is stunning. The candle itself comes in a clear glass jar with a Indian style print in orange on the glass. I am definitely going to re-use this jar after I use up all of the candle. The candle is a very good size too at 180g. 

The scent is very unique compared to anything I have in my current candle stash. This candle has a lovely fresh scent which is perfect for the whole house. I have burned this in my kitchen, bedroom and bathroom and I have loved it in every room. This scent isn't too feminine either so it would be perfect if you live with a guy too as I think they would enjoy the scent, especially with the candle being blue too. 

I was so pleasantly surprised with how amazing the scent kick off is with this candle! I have been a bit of a Yankee Candle snob and the scent kick off with this candle gives Yankee Candle a good run for their money! I can burn this candle in my kitchen and the scent will linger out into the living room and even upstairs filling the house with the gorgeous fragrance. I have burnt this candle so many times since I got it, almost daily I must admit and each time the scent kick off is just as strong as the first time I burnt the candle! 

The Partylite Indian Blue Lotus and Ginger Candle* retails for £21.50. The product/catalogue number is G55303 if you are wanting to purchase. 


*PR Sample


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