Disney Wishlist #7: Tsum Tsum

It has been a while since my last Disney wishlist and I have been patiently waiting to find enough good things to do this one especially. I have fallen in love with Tsum Tsums and I have got myself pretty addicted to the game too! I want everything that is featured in this post, I cannot get over how cute everything this! 
Disney Wishlist #7: Tsum Tsum
Lip Balms £8.50 each // Pillow Cover £12.40 // Sweatshirt £24.95 // Thumper Small Tsum Tsum £3 //  Tote Bag £9.95 // iPhone Case £6.59 // Christmas Tree Decorations £39.95 // 

Although I do find everything super cute in this wishlist, my favourites have to be the lip balms and the christmas tree decorations. I think I am going to go for a disney themed christmas tree this year and this would be perfect for that theme and as they aren't overly christmassy I could definitely find place to hang them around my house all year round! 



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