Nicka K Nail Polishes + Swatches

I really love switching up my nail colours and trying new brands. Nicka K New York is a brand that I have started to hear more about recently since they were added to the Beauty Crowd website. I am always on the hunt for nail polishes that don't break the bank that will actually last a good few days before they start to chip, I will admit I am too lazy to repaint them every few days.
Nicka K Nail Polishes Review
Nicka K Pinky Promise Swatch
Nicka K Bright Orange Swatch
Nicka K Crystal Purple Swatch
All of the Nicka K nail polishes have such a unique bottle which I really like and have actually found that the top of the bottle actually makes it easier to hold when applying the nail polish. The caps of each of the bottles has a gorgeous metallic finish. I have three of the nail colours at the moment but there is tonnes of different shade options on the Beauty Crowd website so if you don't like these shades you definitely need to check out the other ones available. 

All three of the shades I have are completely different, not just in colour but in the formula's and textures. The orange shade, I believe it called Bright Orange on the website (NY114), it a creamy formula and is very opaque. With this shade you could get away with just one coat if you are in a hurry. The second shade I have is very unique and like nothing I have in my collection which is the shade Pinky Promise (NY106). This shade is a gorgeous sheer light pinky/white with tiny shimmers running through, the swatch picture really doesn't do this shade justice. I think this shade is going to look gorgeous over a french manicure to add a little something different. It would also be perfect if you are still at school or can't wear bright intense colours in the work place. The final shade I have might just be my favourite which is Crystal Purple (NY158). This is the best glitter nail polish I own - I said it! This isn't sheer in the slightest and doesn't feel gritty on the nails but it doesn't feel as smooth as any other nail polish does. 

Application with all three nail polishes was great, each of the nail polishes applied streak free and only needed two coats for all three of the nail polishes. I was very impressed with the drying time too,  especially with the glitter nail polish, my nails were completely dry within a couple of minutes! I don't ever really use a base or top coat but obviously if you do it will prolong the wear time of the polish, without using those I found that the nail polishes lasted for 3-4 days before they started to chip. 

The Nicka K New York Nail Polishes are available from the Beauty Crowd website - link.


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