July 2015 Non-Beauty Favourites

I have never done a non-beauty favourites before on hannahheartss.co.uk so I thought I would do one today as I really enjoy reading these. I have some very random favourites from this month, from tv shows and movies to snack foods to a room spray, I have a bit of everything to share today! If you like these types of posts let me know and I will continue to do them every month.
July 2015 Non-Beauty Favourites
First up is the movie Spy. I had seen a couple of people talk about this on Twitter so I thought it would be worth giving a watch. I must admit, I normally hate movies because they just seem to go on forever and I would rather binge watch a TV Show...however, I LOVED this! I think this might have become one of my favourites and I will have to rewatch this again soon. This is an action comedy which is my favourite type of movie and anything with Jason Statham and Melissa McCarthy is worth a watch. To go along with my movie watching is popcorn and I have been obsessed with the Butterkist Salted Microwave Popcorn. I am a massive fan of savoury things and salted popcorn is my new favourite snack. I can eat a whole bag of this in one go and I just love it. I need this in my life always. 

My biggest favourite of the month is Shaaanxo. I recently discovered her videos and I have been in love with them ever since, I even screamed a little when she followed me on Twitter I must admit. She does a lot of beauty and fashion videos on her main channel which I have been really enjoying. I normally hate tutorials but I have found myself watching so many of Shannon's and recreating a few! If you haven't already checked her out you should do as soon as you finish reading this post! 

My next favourite is Fifth Harmony Reflection album. I have had this on repeat non stop since I discovered it was on Spotify. This is one of the only albums that my sister will actually let me play because she normally hates my music. There isn't a song on this album that I don't like which is quite rare for me! If you love pop music you'll love this album. The Febreze Thai Orchid Room Spray might be the best smelling thing ever, if they could make a candle and a body spray of this scent I would love that. Years ago I was obsessed with his scent and I had completely forgotten all about it until I saw it was on half price in Tesco so I quickly popped it into my basket and my room has never smelt so good! 

I had seen these Glitter iPhone Cases all over instagram and they seemed so expensive but I hopped onto eBay and picked one up for under £3 - bargain! I can sit and play with the glitter all day long, its fab if your bored! These cases are extremely difficult to get off just to warn you! There is so many different colour options on eBay too and for all styles of phones for around the same price. I have been a bit obsessed with the Disney Finds instagram account and when I saw that Primark had these Ariel Shorts in stores for £4 I knew I had to get a pair. Whenever I am at home I always have these on for comfort and I would probably wear these out if my legs weren't so jiggly! I need to go back to Primark and track a few more pairs down! 

I have been loving my Pandora Heart Ring so much. Since the day I got this ring I honestly don't think it has left my finger. I want to get a couple more to stack them! These rings are such great quality and feel so comfortable on my finger, it is as if they aren't even on which I love. My next favourite this month was a bit of an impulse buy and it is the Vans Minnie Mouse Slip Ons. I had no intentions of buying anything from the Disney Vans collection and then I started to see these all over my social media and ordered them! These are such comfortable shoes and I know I am going to get so much use out of these! 

My final non-beauty favourite this month is the TV show Total Divas. I am a massive fan of WWE and now I actually got into watching WWE was through Total Divas. I love reality tv shows so when I saw this on E! one day I watched an episode and I was hooked! The new season recently started and I have been really enjoying seeing the behind the scenes and getting my Diva fix. I love the Bella Twins, who are your favourites?



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