My Introduction to Zoeva Brushes

For the longest time I have only really used the Real Techniques brushes, after a bit of a bad experience with their customer service I knew I didn't really want to keep purchasing from them. Having heard nothing but amazing things from Zoeva I knew I wanted to try out a couple of their brushes to see what all the hype was about.
Zoeva Brushes Review
Zoeva 104 Buffer Brush Review
Zoeva 105 Luxe Highlight Brush Review
Zoeva 228 Luxe Crease Brush Review
Zoeva Brushes are the softest ones I have ever some across and I know that I am going to be purchasing many more. I knew I wanted to try out three completely different brushes so that I could really see the quality and how well they work. I went for the 104 Buffer Brush, 105 Luxe Highlight Brush and the 228 Luxe Crease Brush. All of the brushes from Zoeva are at a great price point and the three I have feel like such incredible quality and I haven't found a bad thing about them! I have washed all three brushes a couple of times now and they haven't changed shape and dry pretty quickly. 

The 104 Buffer Brush is perfect for foundation and blending out concealer, this brush is also vegan. The handle of the brush has a great weight to it so makes it very easy to hold while applying. It is so dense and really buffs makeup into the skin making it look flawless and like skin if that makes sense. This brush has become my favourite brush to apply my foundation as it perfectly works the product into the skin and I don't need to use another brush to blend it out as this brush does it all. 

I have been really getting into highlighting and contouring recently but I didn't actually have a brush for highlighting so the 105 Luxe Highlight was the perfect addition to my brush collection. Applying highlighter has never been so easy since having this brush in my life. It applies the perfect amount of highlight, both powder and cream, and leaves it look so natural and blended out. The 228 Luxe Crease Brush is like a tiny version of the Luxe Highlight Brush. I have tried many different brushes for my crease and nothing compares to this one. I have used this to apply a transition shade as well as applying crease colours and blending everything together and it works perfectly. I must admit I am not very good at doing eye looks but this brush makes it so much easier. It is a great size so you can really control where you can't to put the eyeshadow and be precise. 

I cannot recommend Zoeva brushes enough and I definitely have my eyes on the rose gold set, how pretty are those brushes! If you are in the market for new brushes I could say to try out a couple of these over the Real Techniques ones because for the little bit extra you pay for Zoeva you can really tell the difference in quality and they work so much better. 

The 104 Buffer Brush retails for £12.50, the 104 Luxe Highlight Brush retails for £11 and the 228 Luxe Crease Brush retails for £6.50 all of these brushes along with all of Zoeva's other products are available from the Zoeva website as well as Beauty Bay. 


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