REVIEW: Yankee Candle Raspberry Sundae Tart

While browsing through the aisles of ASDA, I noticed that the Simply Home range from Yankee Candle had a couple of new scents out which I knew would be right up my street. I love anything fruity or yummy sweet smelling and Raspberry Sundae sounded perfect. The Simply Home range is sold (I believe) exclusively in larger ASDA and Tesco stores, or at least they are the only retailers I have come across, and retail for slightly cheaper than the original Yankee Candle line.
Yankee Candle Raspberry Sundae Tart Review
Raspberry Sundae is available is available in two jar sizes, a votive sampler and a tart. I always go for the tart for my home fragrances as I like to switch them up more frequently and these don't break the bank. This scent is described as being scented like mouth watering raspberries. Each wax tart aims to provide you with eight hours of fragrance, anything after that will be to your own personal preference. 

This tart smells incredibly delicious. If you have tried Cranberry Twist (review here) it smells very similar to that but obviously has more of a raspberry element to it. To me this smells just like raspberry sherbet, it has a slightly sharp scent to it which I really like. If you like sweet or fruity candle scents, you are going to fall in love with this. I have actually already picked up another one of these tarts because I love it so much. 

This little tart has a great strong scent kick off and will easily fill a large open space with the gorgeous raspberry fragrance. I have been burning this in my bedroom and it lingers out of the room into other parts of the house which I really like. This has a strong kick off than many of the Simply Home fragrances I have tried. I definitely got my eight hours of fragrance out of this tart if not more, its a great fragrance for a quick hint of fragrance or can be melted for a longer period of time without being too overpowering. 

The Simply Home Raspberry Sundae Tart retails for £1.20 at Tesco and £1 at ASDA



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