Makeup Revolution Cheek & Highlight Scuplt & Blend Brush // 11 Year Old Point of View

My 11 year old sister is a big make up fan, she must take after me! She sees me blogging a lot and she wrote her own little post about one of the new Makeup Revolution brushes and I thought I would post it after a few lovely people, and Makeup Revolution theirselves, had told me on Twitter that they would like to read it, enjoy! 

Hi I’m Ellie and I’m Hannah’s sister and I’m going to be talking about the new Makeup Revolution brush from the Ultra Sculpt and blend collection. These are new releases.

A few days ago I was given the new face brush, cheek and highlight sculpt and blend brush and ever since I started using I have seen a huge difference in my concealer from when I was using the sponges. I have been using the same concealer, I have not made a difference in my choice of the product and the first difference I saw was how it blended. Before I started using the brush I found that the sponge I was using was removing the concealer from the area I found I needed it and I was using more amounts of the product then I feel I needed. After using the brush one time I found that the brush hairs are dense which made blending a lot easier. 

I also think that the colour of the brush handle is a beautiful copper and when light hits it it’s a beautiful rose gold colour and I also think the famous Youtuber Zoella would love it as when I watch her Vlogs I see many copper things in the background. 

I love this brush I will always use this as my concealer brush.



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