Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection

I was so excited to see Makeup Revolution had released some new makeup brushes and I couldn't wait to give them a try. I am really happy to see Makeup Revolution bring out new makeup brushes because some of the brushes even on the high street can be very pricey and these are incredible value for money. It's not often that I actually find a set of brushes that I actually use every single one of, I have brought a couple of brush sets in the past and have only used maybe one or two out of the set!
Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection
Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection
The Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection comes in a gorgeous black box with rose gold accents, perfect for gifting for Christmas and made very easy to be wrapped up for under the tree and includes four makeup tools. There are three makeup brushes, two for the face and one for the eyes and a makeup sponge. At just £14.99 for all four tools in a lovely box you can't really beat that price tag! 

All three of the brushes have such a pretty copper handle to them, I have seen a couple of mentions on twitter that these are similar to the Real Techniques Bold Metals Brushes and I will be completely honest and say that I was not a fan of the RT ones. I found them to feel very cheap and just not worth the price tag. These three brushes feel incredibly well made and better quality than the RT ones. I actually had my Mum hold one of these brushes and a RT Bold Metals one and she agreed that these feel more expensive and luxurious than the RT ones so save yourself a few pennies and pick these up instead! 

My favourite brush out of the collection is the Powder, Sculpt & Blend Brush. I have been loving this brush for blending out foundation, blush, bronzer and contour. You name it, I have blended it out with this brush. I have also used this brush to apply my foundation and it gave my skin a full coverage while being completely blended into the skin. This brush is so soft too and as it is angled you could also use it for applying blush. This brush as so many different uses! 

The other face brush in this set is the Cheek & Highlight Scuplt & Blend Brush. This is my sisters favourite makeup brush (she's only 11 but clearly has great taste!), on a quick side note she has actually wrote a post all about how much she likes this brush which will be up later today. This brush is also angled like the previous brush but much smaller. I like using this brush for my highlight as it applies it not too thick on the cheek bones while blending it out. I have also been using this brush for applying my concealer and I have been absolutely loving it for this, I have quite a big break out at the moment but this brush gives such a full coverage without leaving the skin looking cakey. 

The final brush in this collection is the Ultra Metals Eyeshadow Blender. This brush is so soft and blends out my eyeshadow in the crease perfectly. I have also used this brush for applying a light wash of colour to my lids as well as applying highlight, another great multitasking brush from this set! There is also a Foundation & Base Blending Sponge in this collection which I have been using for applying my foundation and concealer. You can use this sponge damp, if you run it under the tap and squeeze out the water it will grow in size. I found that when I used it damp it it didn't work as good as it does dry. I find that the pointed end is perfect for applying foundation and concealer around my nose and in the inner corner of my eye. 

For just £14.99 you really can't beat the price, even for the Powder, Sculpt & Blend Brush alone I would pay £14.99! I can't recommend this set enough if you are wanting to grow your brush collection, these are some of the prettiest makeup brushes I own!.The Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Blend Collection is available from the Makeup Revolution website - link.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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