Belle Gel Rapide Complete Kit

There are tonnes of at home gel manicure sets on the market and it has left me feeling a little overwhelmed and not knowing which one to go with. Belle Gel Rapide offers a great starter kit which will get you started but you will need to purchase something to remove them with. I have been testing out the Belle Gel Rapide at home gel nails for the past couple of weeks and I have really enjoyed it. 
Belle Gel Rapide Complete Kit
Belle Gel Rapide Complete Kit
Belle Gel Rapide Complete Kit
The Belle Gel Radpide Complete Kit (£85) includes everything you need to get started. You have the LED Lamp, Cleanser and Wipe Off, Protector Base, Glossy Top Cost, Ripe Raspberry Coloured Gel Polish, a Nail File as well as a fabric wrap to keep all of our gel nail kit in one place. I really love that Belle Gel have included this fabric wrap and I don't really know why other brands haven't done this because it makes it so compact for travelling and keeps all of your gel products in one place! I also got the Peel Off Base/Top Coat and two other shades of gel polish to try. All of the Gels are free from formaldehyde, toluene and di-butyl phthalate and are made in the UK. 

I thought gel nails were a lot more complicated than they actually are, granted it does take about half an hour to do your nails but that doesn't bother me because you get great results and long lasting nails. Inside the box is a booklet with step by step instructions on how to use the products and if you follow this guide you will not have any issues. I love how small and compact the LED Lamp is, again it is perfect for travelling, it is about the size of an iPhone 4 and completely folds down. It comes with a USB cable so you can either plug it into your desktop/laptop or a usb wall plug and you are ready to go! The lamp has a 60 second timer so you know exactly how long your nails are under for. 

My one tip with this kit is to apply everything in very thin layers! It is much better to do an extra coat of the coloured gel then do thicker coats which then won't set correctly and will chip off much quicker, not to mention it will gloop up and get on the skin. The shade included is stunning which is a raspberry toned red - perfect for the holiday season. The other two shades I got were Ice Pink and Café Crème, these two shades are sheerer than the raspberry shade so I would recommend doing an extra coat of gel but they do look very nice sheer on the nails as well. 

The Glossy Top Coat is the best top coat I have ever used and is one of the reasons why I love this gel nail kit so much. It really is incredibly glossy which lasts until you remove the gel polish. Having used the Peel Off Base/Top Coat while it is still glossy the Glossy Top Coat is a million times glossier so it is my top coat of choice. Once I finished off the application of the gel nails I really was shocked that they were instantly dry and I could just get on with what I was doing before without having to worry about them smudging. 

In terms of how well they last, these claim to last up to two weeks. I would say I got around 7-10 days before it started to chip and I changed out the colour which I think is incredible for my nails because I am very clumsy and my nails usually chip which a day or two! I think this would make the perfect gift for any nail lover you know - available here


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