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I am very excited to be writing a guest post for the lovely Hannah Heartss today!  I read her blog all the time and we share a very similar taste in make up.  So I thought I would share with Hannah and you, her lovely readers, one of my recent eyeliner finds from Urban Decay.
Urban Decay Delirious Eyeliners
Urban Decay Delirious Eyeliners
Urban Decay Delirious Eyeliners
In case you don’t already know, Urban Decay have a range of incredible eyeliners called 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencils that come in a range of fantastic colours.  Whatever the shade, you can be guaranteed of one thing – the pencils are all super soft and highly pigmented, they don’t budge once they’re on and they’re waterproof too.  I only had one colour of the eyeliner but loved it so much I had to have another so started browsing the Urban Decay website.  It was there I chanced across the set of five Delirious liners.  At £25 for the pack, it isn’t cheap, but it’s not often I get through a complete eyeliner and one of the full size liners is £15.50 so £25 for five is completely justifiable!

The Delirious set includes five colours that I think are perfect for hazel eyes (like mine).  First up is the classic Perversion – the blackest black you ever did see.  It’s a top seller for Urban Decay, it’s always sharpened down to a stub when you see it in Sephora and it is frequently out of stock online.  So that should give you a good idea of just how amazing it is.

Alongside the classic black are four other limited edition colours that you can’t get in full size.  I’m particularly excited to use the deep, metallic purple called Delirious.  I can’t wait to wear it out for Christmas with gold shimmery eyeshadow and a smoky crease.  The other sparkly number in there is the bold, metallic blue called Accuse.  I LOVE blue eyeliner and will happily wear it to jazz up a weekday or I like to smudge it under my eyes for more of an evening look.

Finishing off the set are a daytime friendly khaki called Zodiac (which actually looks much brighter in the swatch than in real life) and a daytime friendly brown called Muse.  Both colours are strong and will last a day full of Christmas shopping, work or whatever you’re getting up to.  Delirious is the perfect set to pop in your handbag to take you from day to night.  Get it on your Christmas wishlist girls and here’s hoping you’ve been good for Santa!

Thanks Jennifer - go check out her lovely blog - link!



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