US Exclusive Chapsticks

Why is it when you want something you can't get it you want it even more?! This is exactly how I was with these two chapsticks. Having heard Carliestylezz talk about her love of them for years in her YouTube videos ,I had to track them down and find a way to get them to the UK. If you have seen my Colourpop hauls you'll know that I use a service called Shipito to get US products to the UK so this is how I got these Chapsticks, you can find out more about Shipito in this post - link. 
US Exclusive Chapsticks
While Chapstick products are available in the UK, the flavours are very limited and I don't think there has been a new scent to the original line of them in years, if there has I must have missed it! The Candy Cane Chapstick is massively loved in the states as is the Cake Batter flavour option. I may or may not have ordered about 13 Chapsticks so I think I am going to be set for life!

Cake Batter Chapstick is available year round and as you can imagine, it smells like delicious vanilla cakes. I am such a big vanilla fan but struggle to find vanilla flavoured lip balms that don't smell artificial but I have finally found one in this! The scent does hang around or a while but definitely needs re-applying after an hour or so if you want another burst of the flavour. Candy Cane Chapstick might have just become my all time favourite lip balms! This smells so minty with a hint of vanilla and leaves the lips feeling cooled. If you like minty lip products you will absolutely love this, I am so glad I have about five back ups of this as it is limited edition for the Christmas period. 

While I am obsessed with the flavours of these two lip balms they aren't the most hydrating, I find them when I use them I end up needing to apply more and more because my lips feel drier so I don't use these as my go to lip balm. I like to keep them in my handbag just incase I have forgotten to bring anything else but I have found myself using the Candy Cane one a lot because it has such an amazing flavour. 

The Chapsticks in Cake Batter and Candy Cane retail for just $1.49 and are available here - link.



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