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Who doesn't want to earn a bit of extra spending money? The new website on the block is called Buzzoole which is a Influencer Marketing Platform. You might have heard about Buzzoole on Twitter as a lot of bloggers have been talking about the website recently. I am constantly on social media so something like this where you can earn yourself a Amazon voucher with your Buzzoole credits is perfect.

Buzzoole is a fantastic tool for any social media addict like myself who wants to improve their presence and popularity in the world of social networks. Once you sign up and link your social media channels to your profile it will analyse them to work out which categories you are most influential in to see which campaigns you are eligible for. Signing up is quick and simple and only takes a few minutes and you ready to go! Not everyone can apply for each campaign, you will be automatically eligible for selected campaigns which you are most influential in. As you can see from the graphic above, I talk about technology and media the most which will then mean I might be selected for the campaigns in these categories. 

Once you get a campaign offer and you decide that you want to join it, it will tell you how many credits it is worth, what is required, the date it needs to be completed by and any extra information. I find the website to be extremely easy to navigate and I can always find what I am looking for within a couple of seconds. You can also earn badges which will show on your profile, these depend on factors such as your social media audience or the amount of clicks or views during a campaign. Some badges can even earn you a few credits! 

The types of things the campaigns will require as sending out a couple of tweets or even writing a blog post - each with different credit values which can be converted twice a month for Amazon vouchers, once in the middle of the month and once at the end. You might be thinking that it will take you forever to be able to convert a voucher but you are wrong! You only need 50 credits to convert to a £15 Amazon Gift Card which comes in handy as you can pretty much get anything you need on Amazon! When you create your account you can get a few credits for adding a social media account, completing a survey and downloading the mobile application. Just for signing up and linking social media accounts and downloading the app I already had 14 credits so they do add up quickly before you even start getting accepted to join campaigns. You can also earn credits (up to £400 in Amazon Gift Cards) with other people sign up through your link, so if you haven't signed up already it is definitely worth playing around with. 

You can sign up here


This post is in collaboration with Buzzoole.


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