How I Edit My Photos

I don't have a fancy DLSR camera so I rely mainly on editing to make my pictures look good. While I did upgrade from a standard digital camera to a bridge camera and I have noticed a massive important in my photos. I have tried using my Dad's DLSR camera and I just couldn't get on with it so I guess that has saved me some money! Since I started blogging I have changed up the programmes I use to edit my photos and have found some great free programmes and websites that work just as well as Photoshop.
How I Edit My Photos
Depending on whether I am going to be editing my instagram photos on my iPhone or on a PC or an iMac will depend on the programme or app that I will use to edit my photos. I have three different websites/apps that I would highly recommend if you are starting to edit your photos. Almost all of my photos have been edited to make them look the best they can. I do take my photos on a manual setting and adjust the settings depending on the background and lighting on that day will depend so it will depend how much editing a picture needs on that day. 

Photoshop Express 

This is a mobile and tablet app. This is one of the best pieces of editing software I have found. This is what I always use to edit my instagram photos, occasionally my blog photos depending if I am time to transfer the images between devices to edit them, an example of how well this works at editing photos is the chocolate santa pictures included in this post. This is one of the easiest apps to use and makes editing on the go so easy! On the bottom of the app is a sliders icon which you can select from sharpening your picture to editing the vibrance and exposure. Typically I will up the Exposure and adjust the contrast to fit the brightness of the picture. For the chocolate Santa in the picture at the top of this post I also upped the vibrance to make it stand out.  This app is free on the App store. 


This was the first software I used to edit my pictures and I would still be using it today if I hadn't had an issues with it crashing updating to El Capitan. This is a web based editing service with main features being free but there is a option for a upgraded version with extra features for a monthly fee. The main thing I used this for was to increase the brightness of my photos. When I started blogging I didn't know that the camera settings can be adjusted to improve the quality of the photo so all of my pictures came out dark so this is what I always used. I use this to add little borders to my images if I wanted them and it is also great for creating colleges. 

PhotoScape X 

This is the newest piece of software I have been testing out and it is one of my favourites that I have found. This is free for Mac's but again you can purchase the full version for extra features. However I haven't found the need to buy the full version as I don't need any of these features at the moment. I really like the White Balance feature. Whenever my photos look a little yellow or blue I will use this before I do anything else to correct the whiteness. I will also go ahead and sharpen my image before adjusting the brightness and saturation and contrast. There is also a brush option within the software which you can blur, paint and brighten as well as other features. As you can see in the before Lush picture there is a line along the middle of it from the background being folded but I use the blur brush and it disappeared. 



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