Top 5 Benefit Products

Benefit has been one of my high end favourite brands for years and I always get so excited to try out their new products. Although I have so many Benefit products in my collection, many of which I use every single day, these five products are my all time favourites and I couldn't be without them. I didn't include any of the Boxed Powders because I love them all and wouldn't have been able to pick just one or two favourites!
Top 5 Benefit Products
Lets talk about the mascaras first. I never used to be a high end mascara fan, I always thought they were a bit of a waste of money because they run out so quickly, until I used these two from Benefit. The Roller Lash Mascara is one of the newer additions to my makeup bag and has become my go to everyday mascara. It gives the lashes a tonne of length and holds a curl brilliantly. They're Real Mascara is my go to for dramatic, almost fake looking, lashes with full intensity. This mascara is the best for creating tonnes of length and making my lashes look thicker. Whenever I wear this mascara I always get asked if I am wearing false lashes but no they're real! My lashes honestly almost touch my brows and I love it! Even though this mascara can be a little difficult to remove, I still love it would repurchase it time and time again.

The Lollibalm was my go to lip balm over the warmer months and I completely used up my first one so I am so happy to have another one in my life again. This keeps my lips super hydrated and soft while giving the lips a purple tint and a little bit of gloss. This is one of the only tinted lip balms that I use which actually puts moisture back into my lips. If I want a brighter lip I will pair this with the Lollitint which is perfect for the Summer. If this shade isn't for you there is also three other shades available, I have my eyes on Posie Balm next.

I have mentioned this quite a bit in my posts but my brows are terrible. They are so small and short but Gimme Brow works wonders for me. It makes my brows appear fuller, bigger and stronger. It adds little fibres to the brows so they appear to have more hairs. I also use this to extend the tail of my brow and it does a great job and always leaves my brows looking better than ever! I use the Medium/Deep colour option and it matches perfectly, if you have lighter brows I would recommend using the Light/Medium version.

Last but not least is POREfessional. I think this was the product that started my love for Benefit. I have been using this every single day for around 2/3 years now and I can't be without it, I have gone through so many tubes and almost another is empty! This primer makes a massive difference in my skin, it transforms how my foundation looks. I have visibly large pores, which I hate and this hides them and fills in any lines and leaves my face looking smooth. 

What are your favourite Benefit products? 



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