Valley Mill Chocolate Truffle Wax Melts

Valley Mill is a company with a wide range of natural home ware and candles. From candles and soaps to Cheese Boards and House Signs, Valley Mill has a little bit of everything! Valley Mill is based in Wales and I picked out the Chocolate Truffle Wax Melts to try - do they not sound incredibly delicious?!
Valley Mill Chocolate Truffle Wax Melts
Valley Mill have a few different scent options available in their Wax Melts including: Mixed Berries, Passion Fruit, Jasmine, Coconut, Welsh Cake and Spiced Apple to name a few. I of course picked out the Chocolate Truffle scent - who doesn't want their home to smell like yummy chocolate?! All of the wax melts are hand poured and have a gorgeous shape to them as little mills. Each box aims to provide you with 60 hours of fragrance and all of the Wax Melts and Candles from Valley Mill are are soy based.

If you don't know what a Wax Melt is and how you use it, they are little tarts that you pop into a warmer, either an electric one or one which is used with a tea light to warm up the tart. While it melts it will release the scent into your home. I have used these wax melts in both an electric and tea light warmer and they both were brilliant and provided the same scent kick off. These melts have no wick so if you don't own a warmer you won't be able to use these until you purchase one. You can pick them up fairy cheap online too if you are on a budget. 

When these first arrived I was met with the delicious chocolate scent. I absolutely love the rustic packaging, its similar to a match box in that you slide it open to reveal the five natural soy wax melts. The wax melts, I would say, are around half the size of the Yankee Candle Tarts but I provide such a great scent kick off, if not better than some scents from Yankee Candle. I would recommend that these be used in a medium sized room for a decent scent kick off, anything larger or open planned would provide you with a lighter scent throw. I was so surprised at how well just one of these little melts made my room smell. The scent was quiet intense at first so I only needed my warmer on for a short time before switching it off and using it another time. The scent is exactly what I expected - heavenly chocolate without being too sickly or overpowering. It does have a slightly after scent but I can't put my finger on what that scent actually is.

The Valley Mill Chocolate Truffle Wax Melts retail for £6.25 and are available here - link.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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