Bedside Beauty Products

I like to keep a little stash of beauty products by my bed for when I am feeling a little too lazy to get out of bed and finish my skincare routine, to apply some moisturising products. These have been my go to products for a while now, if I don't leave them by my bed I always forget to use them and to be honest I am sometimes too lazy to get out of bed to hunt them down!
Bedside Beauty Products
The first product that is a must by my bed is the Vichy Idéalia Skin Sleep. This stuff is incredible and is the only night time moisturiser I like because it actually works! Not only does this smell gorgeous but it feels very light weight on the skin and sinks in quickly and gets to work. I don't get very much sleep, getting at 5:30am doesn't help, so my skin always used to suffer, until I started using this. Each morning after I use this my skin looks like I have had a brilliant night sleep and keeps my skin well hydrated while looking refreshed! I did a full blog post about this if you want to read about it in more detail - link. You can find this at any Vichy stockist and retails for around £26, often on offer on the Escentual website. 

Next are two products from Soap and Glory. I absolutely love Soap and Glory and I find these products to be perfect for my hands and feet. First is the Heel Genius which is a moisturiser for your feet. You pop this into your feet and leave on over night, with some socks on and in the morning you wake up to softer feet. This has a lovely cooling effect too which is fab in the summer when you get too hot in the evenings. I have quite dry skin around my ankles and this always hydrated them over night! The second must have from Soap and Glory is Hand Food which is loved by so many but it has been one of the most recent products I have tried from the brand. I have it in the Smoothie Start scent which I really like, vanilla based with a hint of almonds. I always forget to use a hand cream throughout the day so I try to make an effort to use this before bed. My hands have never been softer since I started using this every night. 

My skin can be such a pain at times, especially at that time of the month so I can never be without the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo+. This is a product sent from the heavens if you have spots or acne. If you haven't tried this already and struggle with spots, I highly recommend that you try this. Whenever my skin is acting up, I pop this on every evening and each morning I see my spots get smaller and smaller. It doesn't try out the skin at all, it actually hydrates it which is great as my skin can be a little dry around this time of year. This works brilliantly on my marks left behind from previous acne too. 

Finally, my bedside beauty stash is not complete without a lip balm. I have been using the EOS Stick in Sweet Mint recently and I have been really enjoying it. I am such a big fan of EOS and I was excited to get my hands on one of the sticks in my favourite flavour. My lips get horribly dry and some products and balms make them worse so I always use my EOS Stick before bed to make sure that my lips are moisturised for the next day. If my lips are extra bad, I will use the Blistex Intensive Moisturiser. 

What are your bedside beauty products?



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