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Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish Nails

I love false nails mainly because my nails are in terrible condition and I am rubbish at nail art. Elegant Touch is my favourite brand for false nails, I often find them on offer and they have some of the nicest designs too. I also find that Elegant Touch nails are the only ones that fit my nails perfectly as I have odd nail shapes so thank you Elegant Touch!
Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish Nails
Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish Nails
Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish Nails
The Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish nails are an online exclusive and are the perfect nails to wear this Easter weekend or anytime during the Spring. Of course as soon as these arrived I had to put them on! In each pack of nails it includes the glue, buffer, an instruction leaflet and 24 nails in 10 different sizes. I really like that Elegant Touch include a glue in the packet because I always seem to lose my nail glue and have always found the one included to be pretty long lasting. These nails are limited edition so if you do want to purchase them I could act quickly so you don't miss out!

I must say, these are the cutest nails I have ever come across and are perfect for this time of year! I didn't think I was going to like the shape as I usually go for square nails but I really love how they look! They are pretty long on me so I have filed them down slightly so that I can pick up my bunnies without hurting them but it didn't effect the design in the slightest. The nails with the daisies on are actually clear but I cant see any of my nail underneath or the glue which I am really impressed with. As I did file them down slightly I am really happy that the sheep nails have the design starting at the cuticle so I didn't have to file off any of the cuteness. 

I found these nails to be so easy to apply and I am terrible at applying false nails, especially to my left hand! As I mentioned, I do have odd nail shapes as some of my nails are a lot wider at the tip which makes it difficult to find nails that fit but these ones were a perfect match. Because there are two different designs included, you could mix and match a design to suit you. I decided to do two nails with the sheep on and the rest with the daisies and I love how they look. I only took me around ten minutes to stick all of the nails on with prepping the nails and I was good to go! I made sure to buff and file my nails before had and then select the correct sizes and started gluing them on. Have had these nails on for four days now and none have popped off so far but once they do I will just be sticking them back on as I want to have these on this weekend for Easter. 

The Elegant Touch Don't Be Sheepish Nails retail for £6.95 and are available from the Elegant Touch website - HERE.


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