Astral Face & Body Moisturisers

I had always known of Astral as a brand but until recently, I wasn't aware of their products in too much detail until I started seeing them talked about a lot on social media. I have seen a lot of people have been using the Original Astral Face and Body Moisturiser as a primer too so it can do so many things than just moisturising the skin. 
Astral Face & Body Moisturisers
Both of these moisturisers can be used on the face and body however I have been using the Astral Soft on my body and the Original Astral Moisturiser on my body and any dry patches on my face. The Astral Original is a cream that does great things for the skin and doesn't contain any 'miracle' ingredients. It has Lanolin which is a rich natural moisturiser, Glycerine which attracts water which then increases its moistures content. It's not only a head to toe moisturiser, it can also be used as a cleanser, makeup remover or even as replenishing after sun! The Astral Soft is just like the Astral Original but is formulated to be a much lighter version so that it absorbs into the skin faster. It comes in a tube which I prefer as if I have my nails long I end up with cream under them for days! Astral Soft is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin E and has a lightweight feel and is non greasy. Both of these products are not tested on animals - yay! 

I have been using the Astral Soft almost daily, I am very forgetful, as an all over body moisturiser and using the Astral Original in the places where I have extremely dry skin and they have been working brilliantly together and my skin has been so soft since! The Astral Soft is incredibly lightweight on the skin and does sink in quickly so I can use this in the morning and not have to wait around for it to absorb before I can get dressed. My legs have been especially dry recently and since using these two products combined they have never been softer! The Astral Original has saved my dry and uncomfortable skin in the past few weeks. I had had some very dry areas on my arms, legs and ankles and by using this cream for a few days my skin was back to normal. The Astral Original does take longer to sink in so I prefer to use it in the evening. I have sensitive skin and these two products have been perfect and didn't irritate my skin. 

I am going to try the Astral Original as a primer next and I will report back! 500ml Astral Cream usually retails for £7.99 but is on offer for just £3.95 currently at Superdrug - HERE. And the Astral Soft retails for £2.99 - HERE


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