KIKO Campus Idol All Stars Face Palette

This is one of the first makeup items I have tried from KIKO. I have only ever used a couple of their nail polishes perviously and I can't believe it has taken me this long to try out the makeup products! A short while ago KIKO launched the Campus Idol collection and the All Stars Face Palette was one of the products included and it is available in two different shades.
KIKO Campus All Stars Face Palette
KIKO Campus All Stars Face Palette
KIKO Campus All Stars Face Palette
I have mine in the shade option 01 Pretty Rose. In the palette are three powders, a blush, highlight and bronzer, there is also a small mirror inside the palette so you can apply on the go if needed. The packaging of the palette is cardboard but it is quite durable so if you popped into your makeup bag or handbag and you wouldn't have to worry about it too much. I would say that this collection is aimed towards a slightly younger audience, my 12 year old sister and her friends love the packaging! Each of the powders have have a little KIKO wording or symbol imprinted into them. You get 6g each the Bronzer and Blush then 4g of the highlight shade. This palette is paraben free and non-comedogenic so it has been formulated to not cause blocked pores. 

All of the powders are extremely soft and blend out well. The bronzer is a good match for my pale skin and doesn't make me look too dark or muddy. It just gives my skin a light sun kissed look. The bronzer has a matte finish which I love because I hate bronzers with glitter in as they can make me look like a disco ball! Because the bronzer is matte, I have used it a couple of times to contour my cheeks and I really liked how it looked. The blush is my favourite shade from the palette! Its gives the cheeks a natural pink glow and is the perfect shade for pale skin as it isn't too intense but it is buildable. Just like the bronzers the blush is matte too. The highlight shade in the palette is okay, if you like a strong highlight you won't like this. I use this on days when I want a no makeup makeup look as it just adds a light glow to the cheek bones. I have been pairing the blush and the highlight together and they looks great on the skin. 

These powders to last a long time on the skin, the blush is incredibly long lasting and will hold up throughout the entire day. The highlight however disappears after a few hours and when it wasn't too intense in the perfect place that is a little disappointing. But because the blush and bronzer are well pigmented, apply and blend out really nicely I would still recommend this palette. The palette retails for £14.90 but is currently on offer for £10.40 - HERE



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