Yankee Candle Easter 2016 Wax Melt Egg

When I saw the Easter collection from Yankee Candle, I knew I had to have everything! I was very lucky to receive the scents that I had my eyes on for my Birthday. I am gutted that they aren't permanent at Yankee Candle because one scent in particular from this gift set is one of my all time favourite scents already!
Yankee Candle Easter 2016 Wax Melt Egg
A few times a year Yankee Candle release these little wax melt gift sets which usually include three scents. I am a big fan of the wax melts from Yankee Candle as they still provide a beautiful and strong home fragrance but they are also much more affordable at £1.49 each. I prefer to be able to switch up the scent often which is why I don't buy the jar candles as much anymore. Wax Melts have no wick and can only be used with a wax warmer. I have an electric one but they also sell ones which can be used with a tealight from Yankee Candle. From each of the wax melts it is recommended that you will receive eight hours of home fragrance, I often find that I get longer than eight hours out of my wax melts. 

Inside the cute little egg is three wax melts. Two scents which have been available previously are Summer Scoop and Cappuccino Truffle and the limited edition Jelly Bean. I know that Jelly Bean has been available in a large jar before as a special appearance and I fell in love with it but I could never justify the price for the large jar incase I got bored of the scent. I forever regret not picking up the large jar of Jelly Bean because it is one of my all time favourite scents from Yankee Candle now! Jelly Beans to me just smells like delicious sweets, although it is very sweet I don't find it to be sickly or too strong. Summer Scoop was one of my favourite scents in 2015 which smells like strawberry ice cream to me. The final fragrance included in the egg is Cappuccino Truffle, I didn't think I would like this scent because I am not a fan of coffee scents. But because it is paired with a delicious chocolate scent I really like it. 

This gift set retails for £7.99 which is a little expensive when you consider that each of the wax melts would be £1.49 if you could purchase them individually, you pay around £3.50 for the egg tin. Personally I don't mind paying extra just for Jelly Bean alone and that scent was the main reason why I wanted this gift set so everything else was basically a bonus! If you aren't into wax melts, Jelly Beans, and the other two scents, are available in large jars. Jelly Beans is currently in a large jar for £21.99 - HERE. I definitely I will be picking up the large jar this time around! 

This gift set and the rest of the Easter range from Yankee Candle is available from the Yankee Candle website - HERE.



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