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Ever since I was about 14 I have needed glasses as being on the computer so much during my GCSE's ruined my eye sight. It wasn't until a few years ago that I realised how much cheaper it is to order prescription glasses online rather than getting them from the opticians, I also went private so you can imagine how expensive each trip to get my eyes tested was! Firmoo is a company which I had been wanting to order from for a while now and I have never been so impressed with glasses.
Firmoo Prescription Glasses
Firmoo Prescription Glasses
Firmoo is an online based store which is one of the most popular online eyeglasses stores, with a huge range of prescription glasses and even sunglasses. I can't tell you how many times I have brought prescription glasses from my opticians and they have cost me at least £70 for the cheapest option and that is just for the frames alone! Firmoo glasses have prices as low as $19 which is such great value for money as the glasses are great quality for the price tag. With such a huge selection of frames to choose from you are sure to find a frame style to suit you. 

When I was browsing through the website to pick out a new set of frames, I found the try on feature to be so helpful! You can upload a picture of yourself and see roughly how the glasses will look on you. This was so helpful for me because I have such a big head and I usually struggle to find a set of frames that fit me but these are the perfect size. Firmoo also include all of the dimensions of the frames so you can compare the sizing to your previous pair of glasses. After spending hours picking out a frame style I decided on the Unisex Full Frame Mixed Material Eyeglasses (#DBSN62136) which retail for $26 with the prescription included. 

I found it a very easy to upload my prescription to the website to make sure I got the correct lens prescription. If you are going to be ordering your glasses online, ask for a copy from your optician - mine was very rude about it but they can't refuse to tell you! Once you have selected your frame style and uploaded your prescription, you are ready to order! I ordered my glasses on the 16th of March and they arrived on the 28th of March which I thought was extremely quick considering it was an international order. Firmoo included a hard and soft case for the glasses to make sure they stay protected while in your handbag, I like that they included both for free! 

The glasses are incredible quality and feel so durable and well made. The style I went for have black on the top and are clear on the bottom with a thin gold effect arm. These glasses are better quality then the ones I paid around £70 from the opticians! They sit comfortably on my face and are the perfect size and I couldn't be happier with them. I would recommend that you measure the sizing against a previous pair to make sure that they will fit you correctly. I will definitely be ordering more frames from Firmoo, definitely some sunglasses with the Summer coming soon! 

If you do want to order some glasses from Firmoo, I have a code for ten first time buyers to get a free set of frames, all you have to pay is the shipping and handling fee. The code is 92c8e1c58d and you can select any set of frames fro this page - HERE


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