Feelunique.com Beauty Haul

Opps... I *may* have spent a little too much on makeup this week! I haven't really ordered or purchased any new makeup in a few months so I though it was about time I treated myself! I had been dieing to get my hands on another Urban Decay Naked Palette after having the Smoky version which is the main reason why I placed this huge order! Sorry bank balance, I'm not done yet! 
Feelunique.com Beauty Haul
Feelunique.com Beauty Haul
I had almost ordered the original Urban Decay Naked Palette and the 3 but I decided on the 3 for now as I think I will get a lot most use out of it. You really cant go wrong with Urban Decay eyeshadows as they are so pigmented and blend out so well. Even though it was £38.50, I do think it is worth the investment and I will definitely be getting the original in the next couple of months. I love that the 3 has a good mixture of shimmer and matte shades and I do think I will actually use every shade in the palette! I haven't really tried much from Urban Decay and I did want to order the Naked Concealer but it is out of stock in almost every shade so as soon as that is back in stock I will be ordering it! I decided on ordering one of the Sheer Revolution Lipsticks in the shade Sheer Obsessed which was £15.50. The packaging is absolutely stunning and I have used this lipstick a couple of times and I am so impressed, *adds more shades to basket*. 

Benefit are killing it with their new releases at the moment and the one product I knew I wanted was the Dandelion Shy Beam which was £19.50. I was a little hesitant to order it because I can't use High Beam because I had a reaction to it but so far so good with Shy Beam! It is a gorgeous nude pink matte highlighter which I thought would be too dark for my skin tone but I have been really enjoying it! The packaging is so pretty that I think I will have to keep it out on display. I have been wanting to try out the skincare from First Aid Beauty for a while now so I finally decided on ordering the Facial Radiance Pads. I went for the smaller size which was £12 to see if I like them before I order the bigger pot! I have heard really good things about these so I cant wait to try them out for myself and see - I will report back! 

I needed to pick up a couple of high street essentials while I placed my order. I picked up the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder for £3.99. I am not really a fan of Rimmel but I do love this powder and haven't used it in a while. I noticed that all of the foundations I have been using recently are pretty expensive and thought I would get a high street one for days when I am at work. The L'Oreal True Match Foundation was one of my favourites last year and I much prefer the new packaging too. It was slightly cheaper on the website at £6.99 rather than £9.99 in the shops! 

Feel unique offer samples when you spend a certain amount so I got a sample of the Prada Candy Perfume and a Soapsmith Baker Street Soap. If you are planning on making a Feel Unique order I have two 10% off discount codes which expire on the 30th of April 2016, I never ordering anything for finding a discount code!


Have you picked anything beauty up recently? Link me to your hauls! 



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