Concealing Acne and Redness

I have always struggled with acne since I was a teenager and even prescriptions from the Doctor couldn't completely get rid of it. While my skin has been much better in recent years, I still get terrible periods of bad skin. At the moment, it is horrendous. I get nodules which are extremely painful and last for weeks on my skin so I always need to get selection of heavy duty products to help conceal them. These are the four products which I always turn to when my skin is having a freak out. 
Concealing Acne and Redness
When it comes to my skin, my main struggles are around my nose and on my chin. Very occasionally do I get break outs on my cheeks or forehead but it does happen every now and again. For when my skin is extremely bad and needs full coverage I go for the Vichy Dermablend Foundation. This foundation has incredible coverage and still feels pretty light weight on the skin. I little bit goes a long way with this foundation and if my skin is only bad in a few areas, I will only use this foundation in those spots and use a lighter coverage foundation for the rest of my face. I actually did a review post of this foundation last September which has before and after images so you can see the coverage in action - HERE

With acne comes a lot of redness for me so I almost always need to use a colour corrector. The Soap and Glory Kick Ass All is Calm Stick is one of the new releases from Soap and Glory. I prefer to use this over the green primer I was using perviously as I can target specific areas with this stick. I use this mainly on my chin and around my nose and use a buffing brush to blend it out before applying my foundation and concealer. I always notice how much easier it is to conceal my acne when I colour correct it! It doesn't matter how much of this I apply, as long as I blend it out before applying foundation and concealer I never see a hint of green. 

I have really struggled to find concealers which provide high coverage while being long lasting and light weight on the skin. For the high end option I like to use the MAC Prolong Wear Concealer. I can use this under my eyes if I have extremely bad dark circles but I mainly use this on my breakouts. The tiniest amount goes a long way with this and it lasts all day and I don't have to worry about my imperfections showing throughout the day. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is the best concealer from the high street hands down! Everyone raves about it for a good reason - it is fantastic! It has great coverage and blends out so easily and doesn't mess up my foundation if I use it for touch ups throughout the day. I find myself using this more often on my big breakouts as it actually stays put whereas almost very other product just still not stay on the area - its as if my skin repeals the products.  You can't really go wrong with this concealer when it is only £4. 



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