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Elegant Touch House of Holland Collection V

I love wearing false nails as my nails are never very long and I suck at nail art. The Elegant Touch nails are my favourites and I always love when they collaborate with House of Holland. Recently Eylure collaborated with House of Holland with three gorgeous styles of lashes (post here) and now we have new nails!
Elegant Touch House of Holland Collection V
Elegant Touch House of Holland Collection V
Elegant Touch House of Holland Collection V
This collection consists of eight stunning nail designs and I have five sets to share with you. Inside each box is 24 nails in 10 different sizes as well as an instruction leaflet, nail file and nail glue. Elegant Touch give you everything you need to get you started! The reason why this brand of false nails is my favourite is for two reasons. The first is how comfortable they are to wear and that the nails are always a correct fit. I have never had a set of Elegant Touch nails that didn't fit my correctly! The second reason is because of how long they last once that have been stuck on. Both myself and my Mum are Elegant Touch House of Holland nail wearers and they always last at least 8-9 days before one or two start to pop off! I am pretty heavy handed and find that the glue included is the only glue that holds the nails down as I am always bashing my nails into things! 

The new collection of House of Holland Nails has of eight gorgeous and fun designs. I have five of the styles which I have been using for the past few weeks. Glitter Lining are my mums favourite, she actually stole them. These nails are going to bring out your glam side and are a gorgeous glitter multi-tonal design with a sparkling finish. My personal favourite style is the Breton Babe which has a nautical theme with blue and white stripes in different directions. Then we have Perfectly Plaid, a gorgeous red and black tartan design and Foil's Gold are absolutely stunning. This design has a foiled gold effect to the tips with a few complete nails for an accent. Then we have the What A Stud! nails which are stunning. These nails are white and gold and have different studded designs on the nails so you can create your own set of unique nails. I love the attention to detail on the What A Stud Nails, these look like something you could have done in an expensive nail salon yet they are only £8.99! 

This collection has so many different and unique style so  there is going to be something for everyone! The sizes included are brilliant as I have smaller sized nails but my Mum has really big nails and they fit us both! The nails are pretty long but can easily be filed down if you prefer shorter nails. To apply these nails all you have to do is make sure that you have selected the correct size to fit each of the nails. Then apply the glue to the nail and apply the nail starting from the cuticle and press down and your ready to go! As I mentioned when I use the glue included in the box these nails last for at least 8/9 days before one or two start to pop off but I keep these nails on for at least two weeks before switching designs! Even though I get so much wear out of one set of nails, they don't chip or the design doesn't change so they always look freshly applied. 

If you are only wanting to pick up one or two designs my personal favourites are What A Stud! and Breton Babe. The Elegant Touch House of Holland nails retail between £7.99 and £8.99 - HERE.


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