Flamingo Candles Strawberry Cream Tea Scent Melt

I have been loving my scent melts from Flamingo Candles recently and I couldn't wait to pop Strawberry Cream Tea in my warmer. This brand has a great range of scents and I love the scent melts as they still provide great scent kick off even though they are much smaller than a jar candle. This scent melt sounded right up my street as I love anything strawberry scented! 
Flamingo Candles Strawberry Cream Tea Scent Melt
The Strawberry Cream Tea scent from Flamingo Candles is described as a delicious mixture of juicy strawberries and cream with mouth-watering buttery scones all with a hint of tea - the perfect afternoon treat! I love afternoon tea so I was excited to see if when warmed it would remind me of my perfect afternoon treat. If you don't know what a scent melt is, you place it into a fragrance warmer, either one that is used by a tea light or an electric one and once warmed the scent will begin to release. 

The Flamingo Candles Scent Melts are soybean based and have up to 30 incredible hours of scent and at £2 its a great price point to experiment with different scents. I like to use different scents in different parts of my house, I have a warmer in every room in my house so it is much more affordable to buy the scent melts that it is jar candles. I have always been impressed with Flamingo Candle Scent Melts and found them to have great scent kick off and so many hours of burn time. If you don't think this scent would be for you, Flamingo Candles have so many different scents available that you are bound to find the one for you. 

I have been using this scent melt this week and I have been loving how it smells. It really does smell like strawberry cream tea without being too overpowering or sickly sweet. It definitely has hints of strawberries and I can smell the buttery scones which isn't too good for my healthy eating as I have now added them to my shopping list!  The scent kick off is great but it isn't as strong as some of my other scents which I like but it is still strong enough that it fills my room with fragrance and lingers into the rest of the upstairs of my home. I got so many hours of fragrance time out of this scent melt which makes the £2 price tag such a good deal. I would say I got at least 15 hours of scent time before it started to get lighter in throw that it could only been smelt once I left the room for a few minutes and came back. 

The Flamingo Candles Strawberry Cream Tea Scent Melt retails for £2 and is available from the Flamingo Candles website - HERE



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