Primark Exclusive Baby Balmi Lip Balm

If there is one product I have far too many of, it's lip balms! But I just can't stop buying them, I must have at least four in my handbag alone with the rest of them scattered in my makeup collection and around my house. While I was checking out in Primark, I spotted the cute Baby Balmi Lip Balm and knew I had to pop it in my basket - I always get sucked into those last minute purchases when queueing which you never need! 
Baby Balmi Lip Balm
It is very rare for me to use up a whole lip balm because I have so many in my collection so I love that Balmi have created baby versions, plus they are super cute! The Baby Balmi Cube Lip Balms are available in two new scents, Summer Berries and Fresh Mint, I decided on the mint version as I am in love with mint scented lip products and both are exclusive to Primark and retail for £2 each. These miniature lip balms are just over half the size of the full size Balmi Lip Balms but in a much smaller cube. Each of the lip balms contain shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E to help moisture even the most driest lips. 

This lip balm is the perfect handbag size especially if you carry a smaller cross body bag like I do as it is going to take up absolutely no room! Each of the cubes are two toned and the Fresh Mint version has a white top and a mint colour bottom with a twist off cap like the original Balmi lip balms. The lip balm itself is the same shape as the bigger sizes which goes into a point making application so easy! I find this lip balm to be quite moisturising on the lips but if they are very dry and uncomfortable I prefer to use a thicker balm. The balm feels light weight on the lips and slightly cooling on the lips due to the fresh mint fragrance. 

If you are in Primark it is definitely worth keeping an eye out of these Baby Balmi's as they are the perfect handbag size! I am going to pick up the Summer Berries scent next time I am in store, I can't resist mini makeup products! 



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