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Spring Barry M Nail Polish Favourites

Barry M nail polishes are my favourite as they have such a good selection of formulas and shades while being super affordable and accessible! Spring time is my favourite time of year for my nails because I get to get out all of my pretty pastel shades. When I was choosing out shades for Spring, every single shade I picked was from Barry M and I can't wait to paint my nails next!
Spring Barry M Nail Polish Favourites
Spring Barry M Nail Polish Favourites
Spring Barry M Nail Polish Favourites
Swatched from L-R: Cream Soda, Pink Lemonade, Pit Stop, Eat My Dust, Sugar Apple, Lap of Honour & Prickly Pear.

My favourite lines from Barry M are the Speedy Quick Dry and the Gelly Hi-Shine, I have never been a fan of the original line but these two are incredible! The Speedy Quick Dry as you would imagine from the name, they dry incredible quick while being extremely long lasting and having great shine. The Gelly Hi-Shine range I find to not be as long lasting as the Speedy range but are incredibly glossy and gives the gel effect shine to the nails. Both lines of polish apply smoothly and easily to the nails. With quite a few of the shades I find I can get away with one thicker coat and I am good to go! 

I love pastel nails and all of these shades from Barry M are just £3.99 each and are often on offer! The two newest shades I picked up were Cream Soda and Pink Lemonade. Cream Soda is a gorgeous off white/cream shade which I thought was unique compared to any of the other colours in my collection. I either have bright whites or pink toned white shades so this was a shade I knew I had to pick up. I think in the Summer this will look gorgeous with a tan! Pink Lemonade is my favourite nail polish at the moment and it is a gorgeous light pink. I am not usually a fan of pink nail polish but this shade is gorgeous, a must have for spring! 

When the Speedy Quick Dry range launched, I picked up pretty much all of the shades and  I haven't looked back! Pit Stop, Eat My Dust and Lap of Honour are three of my favourite shades for Spring/Summer and I found Eat My Dust to be extremely similar to Essie's Bikini So Teeny which I loved years ago! Pit Stop is one of my all time favourite shades and it is a gorgeous grey with lilac. It is my go to nail polish shade all year when I don't know what colour to paint my nails as it never disappoints. Sugar Apple and Prickly Pear are my two brighter pastel shades which I normally wear more in the Summer but I have been loving them for the past two weeks or so. 

What are your favourite shades for Spring?



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