Best of the Budget Contour Kits

I will be the first one to say that I am rubbish at contouring but these three kits have helped introduce me to this makeup technique. I don't like to spend a lot of money on products that I know I won't use that often so I wanted to experiment with budget contouring kits before I invested in a higher end option. Honestly I have no need to buy a more expensive one as these three kits do a fantastic job! 
Best of the Budget Contour Kits
Seventeen Contour Kit
These are the three best contour kits I have found of the high street which are all under £10. If you are new to contouring and want to experiment I would recommend any of these options. I don't contour every day as I don't have the time for it but on the weekends I like do go all out and these three kits are the ones that I always pick between. If you have paler skin like I do then these might be the ones to check out as I have found them to not be too dark for my skintone (I am always the lightest colour in foundation and I am an NC15 in MAC for reference). 

The Freedom Pro Contour Kit is the cheapest option out of the three at £3.50 and is available in three different shade options. If you are just looking for a contour powder then I would recommend this one as the highlight shade isn't my favourite, I find it doesn't match with my skintone how I would like it to. The contour powder is pretty soft and I find it blends out well so you don't end up with that ridiculous line down your cheek bones. If you don't think you would like the look of contouring but like to play around with different makeup looks this is the contour compact for you as it is so affordable. 

The Barry M Contour Kit is the one palette out of my three favourites to have three powders inside the cardboard compact. If you aren't going to be travelling or keeping this in your makeup bag then this contour kit is definitely worth trying! I like all of the shades in this palette and I again find that they work well with my light skin tone. I find each of the two contour shades to apply smoothly and they don't look patchy while blending out super easily with a fluffy brush. I also like that Barry M have included a little tutorial on the inside of the palette so you have a basic understanding of how to use the shades if you have never contoured before. 

The newest contour kit I have been playing with is the Seventeen Define & Conquer Contour Kit. I got the meduim shade option which thought was going to be too dark for me to use but it actually works really well! This is the only contour kit that I actually love both shades in the compact, I am a bit funny with the highlighting shades which are included in most. I found that this is the perfect contouring kit for my skin tone as it is almost idiot proof as if I apply to much it blends out so quickly and it doesn't leave my face looking muddy. The highlight shade is perfect for brightening under my eyes or being used on the cheekbones. I love the packaging on this too, its perfect for your makeup bag and it has a good sized mirror inside the compact. 

What is your favourite contour kit?


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own. 


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