How to Introduce Coconut in Your Beauty Routine

I have always known that coconut oil is incredibly good for you to cook with but I never knew how good it was within the beauty world! I have always seen people talk about coconut oil but I had no idea how to use it for beauty benefits but I have been putting it to the test and I have become obsessed with coconut oil - why didn't I use it sooner?!
How to Introduce Coconut in Your Beauty Routine

I never knew just how many ways you can use coconut oil when it comes to skin, hair and body. I have been using it so many different ways to see which works best and I have some favourite uses already! If you are going to use coconut oil for beauty purposes, make sure that it is 100% raw and extra virgin for the best results - it doesn't really matter which brand you go for as they are all the same but I have been enjoying using both the Vita Coco and Coconut Merchant Organic Raw Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Depending on how much I need, I will take a teaspoon and scoop out a small amount, this makes it much easier to get out of the jar.

Coconut Oil is great to use as a deep conditioner or as a masque for your hair, it will make it super soft and smooth. I like to use it as a masque on my hair once a week to help keep my hair soft on the ends as it gets pretty dry from heat damage. While it is good for dry hair it is even better for dry skin! You can use this where ever you have dry patches and it will hydrate the areas making your skin feel softer than ever! If you suffer from dry skin on the face coconut oil would be great to use as an overnight treatment to lock in extra hydration. 

My favourite uses of coconut oil are as an eye makeup remover and as a bath oil. I tend to wear a lot of eye makeup, especially mascara as I like long thick lashes so I always apply quite a few coats of mascara. Even the best makeup removers can't remove my mascara like coconut oil does! I take a tiny amount of coconut oil and warm it between my hands before applying to the eyes and my eye makeup melts off wiithin seconds! I take a teaspoon or so and run it under hot water and use it as a bath oil. This is incredible if you suffer from dry skin as it is so softening and hydrating on the skin. It's so much cheaper than a product you would buy at LUSH and it much more effective. 

Other ways you can use coconut oil other than in cooking are for oil pulling to whiten your teeth, as a cuticle oil, a makeup brush cleaner (I can't wait to try this one!), lip balm, breath freshener and even as a body scrub if you mix it with some coarse salt or sugar! How do you like to use coconut oil?

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This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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