BOOK REVIEW: Until Friday Night - Abbi Glines

I can't seem to stop reading at the moment and this book has to become of the best ones I have read this year! I went away for a couple of days recently and was excited to finally get stuck into the book and I read every page within 24 hours because I just couldn't put it down.
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This book is based around West Asby and Maggie Carleton. West has always been the cocky, popular, too handsome for his own good kind of guy. But beneath all of that he is grief stricken as his father is dying but he hasn't told anyone. In the shadows of a party he decides he finally needs to talk to someone about it and decides on telling Maggie, who doesn't speak. But he doesn't expect her to reply and reveal a pain even deeper than his own. From then on they form a connection so strong that West just can't let Maggie go.

This is one heck of an emotional read, I laughed and cried so many tears throughout this book. What I really liked about this book is that I became so invested into the story and it doesn't have a slow start. This is one of the most heartbreaking YA books that I have read yet it has a beautiful story of falling in love. The connection between Maggie and West was such a beautiful story and I could feel all of the emotions as they poured from the pages. With Until Friday Night you get to read two different points of view, Maggie's as well as West's yet it was incredibly easy to follow.

As always I like to keep my book reviews spoiler free (there is nothing worse than a spoiler)! Even though Maggie has been through one of the most traumatic experiences she comes across as such a strong character and my heart actually hurt for her when you find out what she has been through and why she decides to say mute. I haven't cried reading a book in a long time and while I was reading this book I just couldn't stop the tears, especially towards the end of the book. 

This book is 99p on Kindle at the moment and I can't recommend it enough. There is a second book which I am very excited to read which is called Under the Lights. 


You can buy your copy - HERE. 



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