Models Own Bare to Dare Hypergel Nail Polishes (+ Swatches)

Models Own have recently launched a gorgeous collection called Dare to Bare with all gorgeous soft neutral shades perfect for transitioning from Summer to Autumn. In the collection there are lipsticks, a powder, an eyeshadow palette and some gorgeous nail polishes which haven't left my nails since I got them!
Models Own Bare to Dare Hypergel Nail Polishes
Models Own Bare to Dare Hypergel Nail Polishes
Models Own Bare to Dare Hypergel Nail Polishes
The Dare to Bare limited edition nail polishes are in my favourite formula from Models Own, the Hypergel finish which gives the gel effect super glossy finish without having to use a UV lamp. In this collection there are five gorgeous neutral shades which will suit all skin tones. These are the type of nail polish shades which are perfect to wear for school or work as they aren't very bold on the nails but you still have a pretty manicure. The five nail polishes in this collection are:

- Suede: a light baby pink
- Undertones: a creamy pink
- Skin Deep: a rich rose shade
- Emporors Clothes: an earthy neutral
- Deep Tan: a caramel/brown shade

I have been so impressed with all of the shades of how well they apply to the nails and their opaqueness. I usually find with lighter nail polish shades that they tend to be very sheer and streaky but even the lightest shade out of the five in this collection, Suede applies without streaks with just one coat. I like to apply two coats of each of the shades when I wear them as I find it gives the full colour that is in the bottle. All of these shades are very glossy and shiny due to the Hypergel formula. Even though my nails are in terrible condition and I find that most of the time my nail polishes won't last long on the nails, these polishes have pretty good wear time, I would say around 3-4 days on my nails which is brilliant as I don't use base or top coats. 

The Bare to Dare Nail Polishes retail for £4.99 each - HERE.



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