August Degustabox 2016 (+ £7 OFF Code)

9 September 2016

Another month, another box of yummy food and drink! Just quickly if you don't know what Degustabox is, it is a food subscription service when each month you receive a box of food and drink specific to your tastes. This post will cover everything that can be in this months box and if you have never tried Degustabox before, I have a £7 off code for you!
August Degustabox 2016
August Degustabox 2016
August Degustabox 2016
August Degustabox 2016
August Degustabox 2016
This box is full of brands and products that I have never tried before. There is a good selection of food items this month and a few different drinks to try! The first drink in this month's box is a bottle of Mahou Cinco Estrellas £1.20. This is a bottle of lager from Madrid which my Dad quickly drank and enjoyed! Next up is a bottle of Get More Multivitamins £1.45. This was lemon and lime flavored and I really liked it - will have to get a few more bottles of this! The last bottle of drink was a bottle of Sparkling Lime and Jasmine Fentimans. I had never had a lime and jasmine drink before but I really liked it. There is also a box of Lime and Ginger Green Tea which I am so excited to try out because I had been wanting to try something like this for ages!

Let's get into the food! There was a big bag of Willy Chase's Fit Corn £2.19. I love trying out new flavours of popcorn and I was really impressed with this, in your box you could receive one of four flavours. Then we have two packets of Rakusen's Snackers, in a plain and gluten free option £1.29/.49. I must admit that I wasn't a huge fan of these but I still ate them all! There is a pot of Aromatic Thai Noodles Nutripot and pot of Moroccan Couscous Nutripot £2.49 each, these have 50% of your daily vitamin and minerals. Next up is a bottle of Tabasco Sauce £1.99 in Sweet & Sticky Barbecue Sause and Marinade. This is now available in Tesco and ASDA. There is also a packet of Oloves £1 in the chilli, garlic and oregano flavour - yum!

There is also a couple of curry products, there are two packets of Geeta's Curry Pastes, £1 each. I have had these before and I really liked them! Then there is a jar of Geeta's Premium Mango Chutney which I loved. There is also a box of Dorset Cereals Bircher Mix Raspberry & Blackcurrant which even came with a super handy scoop to make sure you get the perfect amount for your bowl!

That is everything in this months box! If you want to get your first box you can use the code BLDEG15 for £7 OFF! Each box is usually £12.99 with postage and packing included. You can find out more and order your box - HERE.


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.

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