Tria Beauty At Home Laser Hair Removal Six Week Update

I can't believe six weeks have passed since I started using my Hair Removal Laser 4X from Tria Beauty! I have been really enjoying the results that I have started to see and I can't wait to see the difference by the time in comes to writing my three month update!
Tria Beauty At Home Laser Hair Removal Six Week Update
Tria Beauty At Home Laser Hair Removal Six Week Update
Over the past six weeks I have been using this device, maybe once a week once I have shaved my legs. I have been only using this device at the moment on my legs below the knee so I can easily track the process and differences. If you want to know about this device and how it works in more details, I will link my first post on the device as it is jam packed with information, at the end of this post for you to have a read of.

I have finally started to see some results from using this over the last few weeks and I am loving that I don't have to shave my legs nearly as often as I had to previously! I would usually have to shave my legs every couple of days but now I can go up to almost a week before I have to do it which is amazing as I am incredibly lazy when it comes to shaving my legs sometimes. I have also noticed in a couple of patches that has very minimal hair regrowth, this is towards my knees on the backs of my legs. I can't wait to see my results now when it comes to the three month mark!

In terms of pain and which level I am up to now, I have slowly worked my way up to level three. I am a bit of a baby when it comes to pain and honestly, it isn't even that painful, just feels a little warming on the skin and a slight prick as I zap the area. I will continue to use at level three for a few more weeks as I am getting scared of going up to level four as I am so scared of the pain. It takes me around 30 minutes to do both of my lower legs so I pop on some Netflix and get going.

If you want to read about my first impressions and read a bit more about the device and how it works, you can check out my first post on the device - HERE.


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