The Funny Things My Bunnies Do // #RSPCAPetPeeves

I am the very proud own of two gorgeous minilop/lionhead bunnies who will be a year old in December. These two little fluff balls are two hilarious pets and have the best personalities - even if they don't get along at the moment and I have to rebond them!
Meet Bailey and Buttons! They are sisters yet they look completely different, Bailey is more of a mini lop and Buttons is the fluffiest bunny ever who is more of a lionhead just with lop ears. I can't tell you how many hours a day I sit in my garden come rain or shine so that they get as many hours as possible out of their hutches and have the run of the garden! However, they hate the rain and have a gazebo - what divas! People find it ridiculous when they hear how long I sit out in the garden with them for but they are as much as a part of the family as any human and well loved by all so why shouldn't they get their fun time! Here are a few examples of my favourite things they do which at the same time are my pet peeves and drive me up the wall sometimes:

'Playing Dead'

Sometimes, I will walk outside to check on them and I get the fright of my life. Buttons in particular, likes to sleep on her side with her feet in the air which has often terrified me but at the same time she looks so comfortable that I hate waking her up! The first couple of times they did it, I honestly thought something was wrong and they must have thought something was wrong with me for waking them up! I love watching them both 'flop' into their nap positions, Buttons actually sleeps with her front paws crossed, so adorable!

'Having Tantrums' 

My bunnies have somewhat of a schedule as I will feed them before I go to work in the morning and as soon as I get them home I get them out of their hutches. Due to Bailey and Buttons not getting on at the moment, they have to be kept separate and if Buttons gets out before Bailey, she will literally have a tantrum! I'm not even kidding, she will literally throw her toys out of the pram so to speak! Both bunnies have two storey hutches and Bailey likes to throw her toys downstairs when she doesn't get let out first. She also liked to dig up her freshly clean hutch and kick out all of the sawdust and hay but as soon as you get her out and let her sit on your lap she is so happy again.

'Operation: Escape'

Now this one makes me laugh on end but at the same time is the most annoying thing that they do. When the bunnies are out of their hutches in the garden, they have to be in a pen which basically takes up the whole garden anyway due to the fact we have holes in our fences and I don't want to lose them. Both of them have mastered the way of escaping from their pens and I will pop inside for 30 seconds to get a drink and they will have somehow escaped! Bailey can actually jump out spiderman style - if I stand against the pen she will jump up at me for a cuddle and clears the pen. Buttons has learnt how to pick up the pen and walk out underneath it (I have shown this on my snapchat a couple of times). She also likes to dig up the garden in the process!

No matter how much these things might annoy me sometimes, I love them more than anything and they are too cute to ever get annoyed with - I mean just look at those faces! When owning a pet it is extremely important to have pet insurance, although I would pay every last penny I had on these two, vets bills get very expensive very quick! There is a big misconception that bunnies are cheap and easy pets to have which is actually the complete opposite and having insurance will keep you covered with those unexpected accidents for your well-loved pets.

You can find out more information about RSPCA's pet insurance - HERE.



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