Xo Victoria Fragrance by Victoria's Secret

I am a huge fan of Victoria's Secret and spend far too much money in PINK that I would like to admit! Whenever I am in store I always like to pick up a couple of the body sprays as I wear them every day and I just can't get enough of them. Then, I spotted that there was a new fragrance and gave it a sniff and the next thing you know I had purchased it. I have never owned a Victoria's Secret perfume before and I can see this as the beginning of a collection...
Xo Victoria Fragrance
Xo Victoria Fragrance
Xo Victoria is the newest scent to the perfume family from Victoria's Secret and it smells incredible. I was choosing between this fragrance and Bombshell, this will be the next fragrance that I pick up because I can't stop thinking about it. I never really buy myself perfumes, I usually am luckily enough to receive them for Birthdays or Christmas as gifts but I decided it was time to treat myself. 

This limited edition fragrance is from the floral scent family which I am not usually a fan of but there is something about this that I just can't get enough of. It has notes of Victoria rose, lady apple and English ivy and together it smells similar to any of the Victoria's Secret stores. It isn't overly floral due to the apple and slightly citrus notes. This fragrance is a twist on the original Victoria fragrance and as it is limited edition, I am definitely going to try and use it sparingly. 

The bottle is a piece of art and something that I love having out on display in my bedroom, it actually matches my room perfectly which was one of my excuses to buy it! The bottle itself is mainly white and has a gorgeous 3D plastic bow which is frosted white and has a stunning vivid watercolour design on the bottle. This fragrance is available in Eau de Parfum in 50ml and 100ml sizes. If you do like this fragrance but don't want to purchase this version, it is also available in a Fragrance Mist, Fragrance Lotion, and Roller Ball. The scent itself is strong but not over powering once applied to the skin and lingers around for many hours but does need reapplying into the evening if applied in the morning. 

The Xo Victoria fragrance retails from £44.50 in UK stores and from £47.27 online - HERE.



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