Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub

Everyone is talking about coffee scrubs at the moment so I had to jump on the bandwagon and give one a try! One of the main ones that I always hear about is Bean Body which are available from Holland and Barrett. One of the main reasons I wanted to give this a try is because I have heard how much better they are than a usual body scrub and all it really is, is grounded coffee! 
Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub
Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub
If you are not a coffee lover or a fan of coffee scents, I am not sure if I would recommend this to you as it does have a very strong scent which I found to linger on the skin. I have the Bean Body Coffee Bean Scrub with Coconut and I did find that the coconut element did help tone down the coffee scent but it was still pretty strong. 

To use this scrub is very messy from my experience, you need to firstly wet the skin and apply a small handful to the selected areas before massaging into the skin with circular motions before leaving it to dry for five minutes. What is interesting about this scrub is that it can also be used on the face as well as the body providing that you avoid the eye area. Once you have left it on for five minutes you rinse the skin, it is recommended that this is used at night and I do have to agree with this, mainly due to the scent lingering on the skin. 

This is an organic scrub which can be used for rough, dry skin as well as for stretch marks and cellulite. I have heard how amazing this is on stretch marks and that it almost completely gets rid of them which is interesting, I do have a few so I will report back if I do notice an improvement. This is one of the few scrubs that I have used that doesn't actually dry out the skin as you scrub at the skin. I found that this made me skin incredibly soft but I did find that it also left some residue on the skin which did transfer. This along with the scent is why I will definitely continue to use this in the evening. Even though it is a fantastic scrub, I didn't find it to be too harsh on the skin and I can't wait to see how it works on my stretch marks. 

The Bean Body Coconut Coffee Bean Scrub retails for £14.95 at Holland and Barrett - HERE


This post contains a press sample, all opinions are my own.


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