Morning Pops Cereal Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are still taking over the world and I never thought I would get this excited over a cereal subscription box! Morning Pops are a brand new company which have just recently launched and if you love trying out new cereals, you will love this box just like I do! 
Morning Pops Cereal Subscription Box
Morning Pops Cereal Subscription Box Morning Pops Cereal Subscription Box
I don't know about you but I am obsessed with American foods and I think it is mainly down to the fact that you just can't really get the items here, if I can't get something I want it even more! Morning Pops are a strictly cereal subscription where each month you receive four large single servings of four different types of cereal from around the world. This month there were three from around the world and one limited edition version created by the people at Morning Pops, which was actually my favourite out of the four funnily enough! 

In my box I received three cereals that I had been wanting to try out for a while so I couldn't wait to give them a taste test. I received two from the States and one from France as well as the Morning Pops limited edition one that they have specifically created for this box. The first one in the box was Fruit Loops which I had been wanting to try for the longest time, mainly because it is so colourful! I personally found this one to taste like perfume so I was gutted that I wasn't a big fan of these however, my little sister loved them! 

The other three I loved and I definitely need more! The other one from the States was Hersheys Cookies 'n' Cream, this is actually my favourite chocolate and I never knew there was a cereal! This is one of those cereals which I like to eat as a desert in the evening to give me a sweet kick and it definitely did the trick! It tastes just like the chocolate bar and I need to get a full box of this soon! The french cereal in the box was Chocapic Duo which I actually ate dry and loved! Does anyone else eat dry cereal?! I was obsessed with the limited edition one Morning Pops created and ate it both dry and with milk and loved it both ways. Having marshmallows in your cereal is just the best. 

Morning Pops retails for £8.95 per month, it's worth noting that the box does actually fit through the letterbox too, and you can also buy the full size boxes of the cereal from the month you subscribed to if you pick a favourite! You can use the code BLOG25 for 25% off your first box! You can order your box and check out Morning Pops - HERE.


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