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Decleor Perfect Radiant Skin Kit

Alongside fragrances, skincare is one of my favourite gifts to receive at Christmas. I love trying out new skincare and us ladies don't always treat ourselves to the best skincare on the market so why not gift it to someone this Christmas who you know will really love it. Skincare is such a useful product as well so you know that it isn't going to be sitting in the back of the cupboard going to waste.
Decleor Perfect Radiant Skin Kit
Decleor Perfect Radiant Skin Kit
Decleor Perfect Radiant Skin Kit
Decleor is a brand that growing up that I always remember my Mum using and I have started trying out some of their products recently and I have been really enjoying them. I always find that around Christmas time is the best time to buy beauty products and skincare as they are always in gift sets and are better value for money. This gift set in particular you get three products for just over the price of one in this set so you get to try more products for your money if you was to treat yourself or someone you love to this gift set.

The three products included in this gift set are the Aroma Cleanse 3 in 1 Cleansing Foam at 100ml, a 5ml size of the Aromessence Neroli as well as 15ml of the Aurabsolu Intense Glow Cream. This gift set has the RRP of £45 but if you order it from Fragrance Direct you can get it at £22.95 which is an incredible price and makes it such good value for money! Especially when you take into account that if you purchased the Cleansing Foam on its own, you would pay around £30 so you end up saving around £7 AND you get two more products to try out. Even with the Aromessence Neroli being 5ml which you think is tiny, it is actually a third of the price of the full size at 15ml which retails for £45. This is an oil serum so you do only need the smallest amount to prepare your skin for moisturiser. 

The cleanser is suitable for any skin types and I have slightly sensitive skin and found it to be great for it. It deeply cleanses the skin without stripping it or making it feel dry or uncomfortable. The Aurabsolu Intense Glow Cream is very moisturising on the skin and has active ingredients such as: Jasmine Absolute, Orange Flavonoids, Samphire Extract as well as Tamarindus Extract. This is to be used in the morning to a cleansed face to deeply moisturise the skin and help with the evenness of the complexion, soften the skin and smooth any fine lines or wrinkles. I have been having my Mum test out this product for me as she has mature skin and I am interested to see how it works for her so I will report back at a later date! 

If you like skincare or know something who would love this for Christmas, you really can't go wrong at just over £20 - it is such a bargain! The Decleor Perfect Radiant Skin Kit is available from Fragrance Direct - HERE.


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