Salon Science Repair and Radiance Hair Care

If there was one product I love trying out besides makeup, it's hair care. I am very fussy when it comes to my hair, I have mentioned this a few times before, but I am always looking for products to keep my fairly damaged, super long hair feeling soft and hydrated. Salon Science is a new brand to me and I have been really enjoying the results since using the Repair and Radiance range.
Salon Science Repair and Radiance Hair Care
Salon Science Repair and Radiance Hair CareSalon Science Repair and Radiance Hair Care
The Repair and Radiance range from Salon Science includes five products and I have been putting four of them to the test and I have been really enjoying using them in the past couple of weeks. This range has been formulated with GSP-T which combines Swizz Grape seed procyanidins and natural tocopherol to help product the hair from damage will shielding against colour fade. I have been dying my hair at home for years so I am always trying out different hair care ranges to help prevent colour fade while keeping my hair soft and smooth and protected against any further damage. 

The Retextuluxe Shampoo and Conditioner have helped deeply nourish my hair without weighing it down or leaving any residue behind. When I use both of these products together I always find that my hair is left looking much healthier than it has done previously and feels soft and healthy once again. One thing I have noticed using these two products every day is that my hair feels much thicker than it usually does, it is naturally very thick anyway, but I actually like how it makes my hair feel when I would normally hate this. I find it best to leave the conditioner on the mids to ends of my hair for 1-2 minutes before rinsing to lock in any extra hydration. 

The ReGlosse Smoothing Serum is what I have been using on my damp hair pretty much every day to help smooth my split ends and keep any frizz under control. This is a very rich product that works brilliantly on my hair, I love products like this as the ends of my hair can uncontrollable and this really has made a difference. It smooths down any of my split ends and any frizziness without weighing down my hair or leaving it feeling sticky or with any residue left behind. It also makes my hair even softer if I have used the shampoo and conditioner first. 

The final product I have been using from the range is the Reprotectant Thermal Creme which I have been applying to my hair before blow drying to help prevent any damage. This is protecting and conditioning spray to help prevent damage from heat appliances while using Vitamin Antioxidants and UV filtering systems for protection against daily environmental stress. This is also going to help prevent colour fade while leaving the hair ultra radiant. I like knowing that this is helping prevent any further damage to my hair from the heat styling tools that I use and it also makes my hair look so glossy while adding further hydration. I like that this product is a spray as it makes it super quick and easy to use! 

The Salon Science Repair and Radiance hair care range is available from Boots - HERE.


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