Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Balms

Dr Paw Paw Balms are such a raved about product and I can't believe I have only just got round to trying them now! These balms have so many different uses and the new limited edition version is perfect for the upcoming Christmas season. If you haven't tried Dr PAW PAW yet...now is your chance!
Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Balms
The Dr PAW PAW Original Balm is a multiple purpose balm which has been made in the UK with natural ingredients. This genius product can be used for so many different uses such as a moisturiser, skin protector, nappy cream and even as a hair conditioning treatment! I love products that have so many different uses as you get more for your money and when it comes to travelling, it saves so much room in your luggage! This balm even has healing properties which can be used on sunburn and skin irritations.

The brand new limited edition Red Sparkle Balm has all of the same fantastic natural ingredients and the same benefits but with a hint of red and glitter! This has a few different uses than the original which can be used on the lips and even on the cheeks for a warm healthy glow with a hint of glitter. I have been loving wearing this on the lips and I love the hint it gives the lips and the gorgeous glitter - so on trend at the moment! The main way I use this is on the lips as I find it to be the most wearable but I will try it on the cheeks next.

Having used both of these multiple ways, I am very impressed! It keeps any area hydrated. The Red Sparkle balm is perfect for Christmas time to wear a more wearable red lip and I love the sheen the glitter gives to the lips. The original balm has been great for the colder weather at moisturising the skin and I can't wait to try it on my hair next!

The Dr PAW PAW Balms are available in different shades as well as sizes and the brand is now available Superdrug, Topshop, Look Fantastic and ASOS to name just a few! And you can purchase - HERE.


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