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Eylure Enchanted After Dark Lash Collection

Eylure and Elegant Touch have recently launched their After Dark collections which are perfect for Autumn and heading into the party season. These four pairs of lashes are going to transform your eyes and give you the best lashes ever. Eylure is actually the only budget brand of lashes I will wear as I have always found them to be the best for the price tag. 
Eylure Enchanted After Dark Lash Collection
Eylure Enchanted After Dark Lash Collection
Eylure Enchanted After Dark Lash Collection
The Enchanted After Dark collection from Eylure includes four different styles of lashes. This is a limited edition collection and all of the lashes are very lightweight on the lash line so you will never experience that heaviness on the eyes while wearing them and each pair of lashes is reusable making them even better value for money. Inside each box of Eylure lashes is the pair of lashes themselves in the selected style as well as the lash adhesive, I really like this lash glue and have never had an issue with my lashes popping off throughout the day or evening. 

The first set of lashes from this collection are the Dark Forest lashes which are short and sweet. These lashes have a criss-cross effect from the black band which will sit on the lash line. Then we have The Raven lashes which are the most dramatic style from this collection. These lashes are very full and have a beautiful winged effect, I love this effect on false lashes. Next up are the Queen of Night lashes which are one of the fuller styles with a kick in the corners and a clear lash band. Finally, we have the Into Darkness lashes which have a dramatic black band and a wispy effect which are also winged like The Raven lashes. 

I really like all of the styles in this collection but I have to say that The Raven lashes are my favourite pair. I love a more intense and dramatic lash and these are perfect and I can't get enough of the winged effect to the lashes. All of the lashes are a good size for my eye size and shape and only need minimal trimming, always trim from the outside of the lash as if you trim from the inside it can make them look a little funny and too full on too quickly. You really can't beat Eylure lashes at under £6 a pair for a good few wears if you look after them after each application. 

The Eylure Enchanted After Dark lashes retail for £5.95 on the Eylure website as well as at Boots and Superdrug - HERE.


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