How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK (+ Haul)

Bath and Body Works is one of those shops that I am gutted we don't have in the UK and I would honestly prefer it over a Sephora to be honest or they could at least ship to the UK to make it a bit easier for us brits! I have managed to find some excellent ways to get their products in the UK without spending a complete fortune so I thought I would share how I get the products and a little haul.
How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK
How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK
How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK
How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK
How to Get Bath and Body Works in the UK
After spending an evening browsing the internet, I managed to find four different ways to get Bath and Body Works in the UK and a few are even UK stockists. What I was worried about with getting BBW in the UK was that the prices would be ridiculous but actually when you check out the exchange rate, it works out being the same as the retail in the US as what you would pay in pounds, so it works out cheaper to buy the products in the UK rather than shipping them over. The four different ways I have found to get BBW in the UK are:

1. Facebook Pages: This is how I managed to get everything in this haul, the main Facebook page that I use is Bath and Body Works Fans UK which is a page to buy and sell their products. Some sellers ask you to pay the PayPal fees on top so that can make them a little more expensive. However the two ladies I ordered from didn't ask me to pay this. This is the cheapest place I have found to get BBW in the UK and was basically what you would pay if you bought in the States anyway. Some sellers on this page have 3 wick candles from £16-£19 and Pocket Bacs for less than £2 each.

2. Bath and Body Shop: This website is slightly more expensive to order from than the Facebook page but it is still cheaper than other methods. They don't just sell Bath and Body Works products and they do have some of the new products in stock already, I have my eyes on a few more of the Fragrance Mists. Candles are around £22 on this site with Body Lotions at about £10 each, shipping isn't too expensive either but it depends on how much you order.

3. Forwarding Service (eg. Shipito, MyMallBox etc): If you have a specific list of products you would like, you can always order from the Bath and Body Works website and use a forwarding service to receive the products. I wouldn't recommend this if you are going to order candles as it is based off of the weight of the package and I know of people who have paid almost £100 for shipping alone doing this method. I have only used Shipito with cosmetic items which are much lighter but I do really recommend them as a forwarding service.

4. eBay: This would be my last resort to get hold of BBW but I do order Pocket Bacs on there every now and again when I spot them for £2 each with free delivery. This is one of the most expensive ways to get BBW in the UK with Shower Gels well over £10 from many sellers whereas on the Facebook page you can get them for around £7, this is still alot for a shower gel but I do pay well over that for Snow Fairy so I don't mind treating myself to one every now and again.

Onto the haul...

After I watched a bunch of YouTube videos on this years Christmas collection, I knew exactly what I wanted. It is a bit risky buying scents before you have even sniffed them but luckily I like them all so no money was wasted! I am a big fan of the Pocket Bacs so I knew I wanted to pick up a few more. I decided on Winter Candy Apple, Twisted Peppermint, Frosted Coconut Snowball and Santa's Cookies. I am a huge fan of all of the scents and I love the fruitiness from Winter Candy Apple and how delicious Santa's Cookies smells. These are such great hand gels as they don't dry out my hands and they always leave the scent lingering on the skin. 

I am a huge fan of body sprays and when I spotted two of the scents I really wanted to get my hands on for £11 on the Facebook page, I couldn't say no. I didn't think this was too bad of a price as I pay around that for the Victoria's Secret ones and you get slightly less product in those. The two scents I went for were Vanilla Bean Noel which is the most delicious scent on earth and makes me smell like a cookie, and Twisted Peppermint which smells just like a fresh candy cane with sweetness added to it. These are incredible and I am definitely going to get more as the scent lingers on the skin for hours and it is pretty strong! 

Not long after I ordered all of that I spotted some of the Gentle Foaming Hand Washes for just over £5 each so I ordered three and I am so glad I did. These are really nice soaps as they clean the hands well but they also leave my hands feeling super soft which is great as I have dry skin on my hands from the cold weather. Just like the Hand Bacs, they also leave a tonne of scent on your hands which I am obsessed with. The three scents I went for were Santa's Cookies, Merry Berry Kiss as well as Fresh Sparkling Snow. I have Merry Berry Kiss in my bathroom at the moment and I love the scent, it a sweet yet fruity fragrance. I hope I can find Merry Berry Kiss in some other products because it is such a lovely fruity scent.



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