Festive Scents with Library of Fragrance

I have been wanting to try out the Library of Fragrance perfumes for the longest time and what better time than with Christmas themed scents. Library of Fragrance have a few different Christmas scents and these two are very wearable while being festive! I definitely  have to get my hands on Christmas in New York next! 
Festive Scents with Library of Fragrance
Festive Scents with Library of Fragrance
Festive Scents with Library of Fragrance
The two scents which I will be constantly wearing until the end of the year and over the festive period are Iced Berries and Egg Nog. Library of Fragrance have a brilliant range of fragrances at very affordable prices and are available at Boots. They have so many unique scents like Chocolate Chip Cookies, Dirt and Pizza as well as many others and a great selection of Christmas scents this year. I really like the simplicity of the packaging of these fragrances from the brand, with the clear square bottles and silver caps. 

Iced Berries isn't necessary a festive scent but it is a lovely scent for this period as well as for the Winter months. I usually find fruity scents to be more suited towards the summer months but there is something about this that makes it wonderful for the cold months, this is due to the note of cinnamon which adds a warmth to the fragrance. I usually don't like cinnamon in fragrances but it works perfectly with the fruit notes. This has a crisp and cool blend of raspberry, blueberry and blackberry which has a cold feel to it on first spritz but once it settles you can really pick up on the cinnamon note. 

Now Egg Nog is a scent perfect for Christmas with a creamy and spicy blend of notes. This fragrance has notes of sugar, cream with a dash of bourbon, a hint of vanilla topped of with a sprinkle of cinamon and a good dusting of nutmeg. I would have to say that this is definitely a unisex scent which could be transformed if layered with another scent from Library of Fragrance. I love the idea of layering this with either Blue Spruce or Marshmallow. It even works well with Iced Berries, I will definitely be layering these two toegther more often! 

Both of these scents have great lasting power once spritz and last a good few hours on the skin and even longer on clothing pieces. There is no way I could pick a favourite between the two but I know this is going to be the start of a big Library of Fragrance collection for me! If you are looking for a festive fragrance, you need to check out the range from Library of Fragrance and each scent is just £15 each, a total bargain. 

You can order your fragrance from the Library of Fragrance website or in store or online a Boots - HERE.


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own.


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