Tuscany Candle Candy Apple Candle

I am a candle addict, especially when it comes to Christmas candles! I have more than enough candles for one person yet I keep growing my little collection! Tuscany Candle are a brand that I had been wanting to try out after seeing it on Instagram and on a couple of other bloggers snap chats and this scent is right up my street.
Tuscany Candle Candy Apple Candle
Tuscany Candle Candy Apple Candle
This is the Tuscany Candle Candy Apple Candle which comes in a cute mason jar style container with a metal lid and an adorable little bow. I really like the packaging of this candle as it looks lovely sitting on my dresser but it is still simple enough and even though it is from the Christmas range it doesn't look too Christmassy. This candle has been poured in the United States of America. 

If you like fruity but sweet scents you will love this, it smells exactly like the name would suggest with a delicious apple scent which as been sweetened just enough and isn't sickly in the slightest. I wouldn't say this was specifically a Christmas scent but it is great for the colder months. This is one of those candles which is going to add a light scent throw to a room, in a smaller room such as a bathroom, this would fill it so easily but in larger spaces, it is a much lighter scent. You can definitely smell it once you come back into the room it is burning in which I like. 

At 340g you are going to get plenty of hours of fragrance out of this candle and I found it was pretty quick to get an even burn. One thing I will say is that you do need to trim the wick every time you use this candle otherwise it does create a little bit of black smoke as it burns. This would make a great gift for Christmas and as it has a little bow already if you didn't have time to wrap it, it still looks like you went to a little effort with it! 

The Tuscany Candles are available - HERE.


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