Jack Wills Blanket Scarf Gift

I have always been a fan of Jack Wills clothing and when they first launched their beauty range at Boots, I was all over it! This year Jack Wills has seriously upped their Christmas gift set game and have a really good selection of gift sets for every price range, they even have an Advent Calendar this year! This gift set in particular was a star gift a few weeks ago so if you managed to pick it up then you got a good deal there!
Jack Wills Blanket Scarf Gift
Jack Wills Blanket Scarf Gift
Jack Wills Blanket Scarf Gift
All of the beauty products and the blanket scarf come in a great quality, absolutely huge, gift box complete with a ribbon - it is basically ready to gift! This is one of my favourite gift sets from Jack Wills this year and I do have my eyes on a few more too, hopefully, I can pick one up in the Boxing Day Sales! At £50, you do get a tonne of products so it is worth the money, it is also on the 3 for 2 gift offer at Boots so you could even pick this set up for free! This is one of those gift sets which can be split up into multiple gifts to gifted as it comes as one big treat. The beauty products included in the gift box are:

- Signature Body Spray 125ml
- English Velvet Body Spray 125ml
- One Dark Red Nail Polish (full size)
- One Grey Nail Polish (full size)
- English Velvet Body Wash 200ml
- English Velvet Body Butter 175ml
- 2x Moisturising & Nourishing Face Masks

All of the beauty products in this gift set come in classic Jack Wills style packaging with timeless packaging and the well-known shade of pink that many of their clothing items and products features. All of the products included are pretty much full sizes and I like that they have included what I would say are full sets, eg shower gel, body spray and lotions etc as you can then really enhance the fragrance. I was really excited to see the face masks in the box, and I like that they included two, as I don't think Jack Wills have done face masks before.

The blanket scarf included is soft and which I would have been happy to receive on its own, you can't go wrong with a Jack Wills scarf! I have a couple of scarves from Jack Wills and the one included in this gift set feels like the same great quality. I like to wear this with an all black outfit for a pop of colour and I love the softness of it and the print. It can definitely be used as a blanket too, I like to use it like this when I am in the car going places in the Winter (not driving myself though!). My favourite way to wear this scarf is just by having it open around the neck and its the perfect length.

The Jack Wills Blanket Scarf Gift Set is available for £50 at Boots - HERE.


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