Lush Christmas All Time Favourites

Every year when the Lush Christmas collection launches, these are the products that I always pick up without fail. Honestly, if Lush stopped making this four products I would probably throw a tantrum as they are one of my favourite things about Christmas. I only really shop at Lush during the festive period and these are absolute must haves.
Lush Christmas All Time Favourites
My first favourite has to be the Snow Fairy Shower Gel, I am pretty sure everyone loves this as well especially if you love sweet scents like I do. This is a classic Lush product and it smells of all things sweet and just like candy foss but it isn't too stickly. I didn't have any of this last year because I had only finished my bottle in the October so having it this year as been so nice, I really did miss it! It lathers up really well and the scent does very slightly linger on the skin and it does have glitter in it which I love, who doesn't love sparkly things! 

My next favourite is the So White Bath Bomb which has been revamped for this year and I am loving the update! This smells of delicious, crisp green apples and the scent fills the whole bathroom with fragrance. This year this bath bomb turns the bath water bright green and has a cute little green leaf on the top, it used to be completely white. This isn't specifically a Christmas scent but if you love fruity scents you will love this. Another bath bomb favourite has to be Butterbear, I love him so much that I actually ordered four when I placed my online order! This bath bomb doesn't do too much in the water but it is so softening on the skin and I always forget to moisturise my body so I like to use this every now and again to make sure my skin stays soft. 

My final favourite is the Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. This smells just like Snow Fairy but with this you break it into a smaller chunk and crumble it under running water to release the sweet scent and create a tonne of bubbles. I can probably get three baths out of one of these bubble bars and they always create the nicest and softest bubbles which last for the whole duration of the bath, usually a couple of episodes of something on Netflix! Depending on which part you crumble under the water, it can also make the bath water a light pink! 

What are your favourite Lush products?



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