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Elegant Touch x House of Holland Dolly Rocks Luxe Nails

Need some last minute nails for New Years Eve? Elegant Touch x House of Holland have got you covered! These nails are super glam and will look as if you have spent a fortune in a salon and party ready. Even if these aren't something you will wear for NYE, these would be great to wear around Valentine's Day too.
Elegant Touch x House of Holland Dolly Rocks Luxe Nails

Elegant Touch x House of Holland Dolly Rocks Luxe Nails
Elegant Touch x House of Holland Dolly Rocks Luxe Nails
These are the House of Holland (with Elegant Touch) Dolly Rocks Nails which are slightly more expensive than the original line of HOH x Elegant Touch Nails as these have much more detail to them and I do think they are worth the price as you still are getting an amazing saving if you compared how much these nails would cost you in a salon for something similar. I always love the Elegant Touch and House of Holland nails for when I have an event or fancy some great looking nails as they last forever, the designs never chip and these are the most comfortable nails I have used from the high street.

These nails are perfect to channel your inner Barbie girl with the ombre pink and studded up stiletto nails. These nails start off baby pink before graduating into a darker pink at the point of the nail. Inside the box, you get 16 plain ombre nails and eight embellished ones as well as the nail glue which I always recommend using in my Elegant Touch reviews as it is the best glue I have ever used. The gems on the nails are a mixture of different sizes and shapes and even have cute little gold stars on them. The gems are a mixture of pink and gold and look stunning at the cuticle of the nail.

As you get a mixture of plain nails and ones with the embellishments on, you can mix and match the look you are going for, you could just use one of the embellished nails as an accent nail or you can use a few, it is completely up to you! These nails are so easy and quick to apply so if you are about to rush out of the door and only have a couple of minutes you will be fine. All you have to do is quickly prep the nails, you could even do this a day before, pop on the glue and apply the nail and you are ready to go!

The Elegant Touch Dolly Rocks Nails retail for £14.99 - HERE.

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