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Winter Tanning with St Moriz

All year round I am very pale skinned as I avoid the sun at all costs, I refuse to damage my skin but in the winter especially I look like a ghost. During the festive period, I always feel like I need a little confidence boost as I always eat way too much and a good tan always helps with this. St Moriz is my go to tanning brand and is one of the only fake tan brands that I trust as it rarely fails me!
Winter Tanning with St Moriz
Winter Tanning with St Moriz
Winter Tanning with St Moriz
Either of these two products would be perfect to help top up your tan or you can use them for looking a little healthier which is what I like to use them for. If you are going out on New Years Eve, either of these two products will be great to use in the party prep stage to get you tanned in no time! As always with fake tan products, I always recommend that you use a mitt as this makes application so much easier and smoother and you don't have to worry so much about your hands turning orange afterwards. St Moriz is the best fake tan brand on the high street, I have tried so many different ones, one of the brands actually turned me green but St Moriz never fails.

Before you apply any fake tan, it is very important to give the skin a good exfoliation first to make sure that the tanning product doesn't cling to any dry patches causing the tan to look patchy or darker in any areas. I am a huge fan of the Soap and Glory Body Scrubs as these aren't too harsh on the skin. Both of these products will develop in the hours after application so I would suggest applying these in the evening as you don't want to come into contact with water for 4-6 hours after application. Both of these products have a guide colour on application, so you can see where you apply the tan and make sure that you don't miss any areas.

The Tanning Lotion is what I use when I have more time to take on application, as I always find it a little more difficult to apply personally but I do always get good results. A little of this goes a long way and this is perfect to use throughout the week and to top up your tan to get it even darker for a golden, natural looking tan. The 5-in-1 Advanced Pro Tanning Mousse is my go to tanning product and is so quick and easy to apply and I never get any streakiness when I use this. I know many people complain about the scent of fake tan smelling like biscuits but this doesn't smell like them at all! I don't find either of these products to be drying on the skin but I do like to moisturise in between applications to make sure that the skin stays soft and this helps the tan last longer.

You can buy St Moriz tanning products at Boots - HERE.

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