Urban Decay Perversion & Subversion

If there was only one beauty product I could only take with me to a desert island, it would be mascara as I never feel right without my lashes done! I have been loving Urban Decay this year and I hadn't tried any of their mascaras before but I had always heard good things so I couldn't wait to use them for myself. I hadn't really used a lash primer before either and I have been so impressed! 
Urban Decay Perversion & Subversion
Urban Decay Perversion & Subversion
Urban Decay Perversion & Subversion
The Urban Decay Subversion Lash Primer is to be used before applying mascara and I have to say, it really does make all the difference to do this extra step if you love long lashes as much as I do! This is going to take your lashes to the next level by adding weight to the lashes it gives your mascara something really to cling onto to give you thicker, fuller and longer looking lashes that feel even stronger! This is so easy to apply, I make sure I curl my lashes before hand and then apply a quick coat before going ahead and applying the Perversion Mascara from Urban Decay.

That lash primer even has added benefits for your lashes as it contains vitamin E and panthenol to condition your lashes providing a mini mask for them! I really do like this product as it makes my lashes longer and thicker than ever before but it doesn't make my lashes look clumpy. It does add a slight whiteness to the lashes which I did expect but that is quickly masked once you apply your mascara over the top. This can work with any mascara however I have found it works best with the Perversion Mascara.

Speaking of the mascara, I have been loving it! The Perversion Mascara is going to take your lashes from 0 to 100 with a coat or two. This mascara is going to build your lashes while keeping them separated and well defined. This is an ultra black formula to give you the blackest lashes that doesn't fade throughout the day. I really like the brush with this mascara as it allows me to coat all of the lashes but it isn't too much to where I would have to worry about it getting on the skin around my eyes. This is a slightly wetter formula that what I am used to but I have been really enjoying it and I think it actually works better for my lashes. The mascara glides through my lashes to add amazing thickness and length without making my lashes clumpy.

By using these two products together I get the best lashes that I have always wanted, they are so long that they almost touch my brows! That I really like about the mascara, in particular, is that it doesn't transfer onto the skin or flake off throughout the day but it is still easy to remove. I do think that this mascara works so much better when you use the primer first so I would definitely recommend getting both products. I sometimes like to apply another coat of mascara throughout the day, especially before heading out in the evening and it adds more length and thickness to my lashes, and not to mention volume, without making my lashes at all clumpy!

The Urban Decay Perversion Mascara and Subversion Lash Primer retail for £17.50/15.50 - HERE.


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