Five NEW Zoeva Brushes

I have been a huge fan of Zoeva and their brushes are some of my favourites and I use them all the time. Zoeva have launched five new brushes today and I have been really enjoying them in the past week or so that I have been using them! Makeup brushes are always worth investing in and Zoeva are such a great brand, I really can't fault them. 
Five NEW Zoeva Brushes
Five NEW Zoeva Brushes Five NEW Zoeva Brushes
Zoeva have been killing it this month with so many new launches which are all available from today. These are the five new brushes which are added to the line of now 60 makeup brushes/tools. I don't actually have any brushes like these in my collection and I have been using them so much already, a few of them I never knew I needed until they arrived and I now couldn't be without them! Zoeva brushes are incredibly well made while being very soft and having a great weight to them which makes them so much easier to hold and use. Each of the brushes has been traditionally handcrafted and are of such high quality, all with the finest synthetic hair.  The five new brushes launched today are:

- 117 Petit Defined Buffer 
- 135 Petit Face Definer 
- 113 Fluid Arc 
- 137 Petit Fan 
- 331 Precision Lip 

As soon as I opened up all the brushes I was really interested by the 113 Fluid Arc brush as it is like nothing I had ever used before. This brush has an innovative arched shape which dips in the middle so it can adjust to any part of the face for the best application of liquid and contour products. It can also be used for blending out foundation too for a flawless finish. This brush makes contouring so easy and I have been loving it for foundation application too for the cheeks and for around the nose as it gives such great coverage. The 135 Petit Definer is a style of brush I had been in serious need off for setting concealer under the eyes. This is a super soft brush made up of pure synthetic hair and I love the tapered shape. I have mainly been using this for powder applications but it is also great for liquid and cream products, I have used it a few times to apply foundation around my nose and I love how easy it makes it. 

The 117 Petit Defined Buffer brush is perfect for super precise application of foundation and concealer, great for around the eyes and nose. This is a slightly angled brush and I have been using it for liquid foundation applications with my 102 Silk Finish Brush and it always looks so close to flawless! I have noticed that this brush gives you great coverage with foundation but always leaves the skin looking very natural. I have so many brushes in my collection but no lip brushes so the 331 Precision Lip brush arrived at a great time. This is a squared shaped flat brush for the lips which is going to help applications along the contours of the lips but with the flat side you can also pack on the colour. This makes liquid lipstick applications so much easier and I never have to worry about making a mess during application now. 

The final new brush from Zoeva is the 137 Petit Fan brush which I never knew I needed until I started using it, it's definitely a new favourite of mine! This is a miniature fan brush which is fantastic for highlighter application in targeted areas such as the brow bone and Cupids bow. It also has a recommended use of being used for the separation of eyelashes and easy removal of excess mascara which I would have never thought to use the brush for. I have been loving using this to apply highlight to my brow bone and inner corner, it is the perfect size for this! I love the 129 Luxe Fan brush for highlighting my cheek bones too. 

All five of these new Zoeva brushes are available - HERE


This post contains press samples, all opinions are my own. 


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